Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eventful Weekend

We had an Eventful and Emotionally Exhausting Weekend. I'm just now finding the time to sit down and write about all that happened.

Friday evening, we traveled about an hour away to see our sons play football. Alan's sister, Janet, who was here visiting from Virginia, came with us to help cheer the Sherwood Eagles to victory! Here is a picture of Janet and me at the game, followed by a picture of the team.

It was an Exciting first half, and our boys went to the locker room with a commanding 19-7 lead. Unbelievably, they managed to squander that lead and ended up losing the game 41-19. It was a very tough loss to a team they should have beaten. Heartbreaking -- for players and fans alike.

I think the main reason for their demise was the collapse of their head coach during the second quarter. After he was taken away by ambulance, the team lost its focus and just fell apart.

"Coach Rock" is suffering from cancer, and shouldn't even be coaching, according to his doctors, but he is not the type to just sit down and die. He will fight to the end, and he will coach football to the end. Just prior to Friday night's game, Coach Rock had been featured in a 3 part series called, An Immovable Rock, by our local Fox News station. You will definitely be blessed to view this special series on Coach Rock, his family, his faith, and his fight with cancer. You will also get to see my son, Taylor, who was interviewed on part 2.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

It was an emotional night for everyone, seeing the coach collapse and be taken away in an ambulance, and watching the team self-destruct before our eyes. Also, Taylor injured his groin early in the game, but played through the pain. It was hard to see him in pain, and it was a long ride home for him, but some ice, some Advil, and a good night's sleep, did wonders for him.

We got home from the game about midnight Friday, and by 8 am Saturday, we were on the road again, headed for LaGrange, Georgia. My husband and I took Taylor to LaGrange College on a recruiting visit, where we joined a few other football players and their parents for a tour of the campus and the football facilities, a meal in the dining hall, and a Q&A time with the coaches. We were also given tickets to the LaGrange football game, which was fun, but lasted forever. I think I'm "footballed out"!! It was also a long day, which evoked a lot of mixed emotions for me as I thought about Taylor going away to college next fall and playing collegiate football somewhere . . .

We did enjoy our visit to LaGrange College though. A small liberal arts college with a beautiful, historic campus, LaGrange is situated on a hilltop in the heart of a small city by the same name. We were also impressed with the state of the art facilities for its young football team.

After the football game, while talking with the coaches, we received a phone call saying that Alan's Mom, who is 82 and lives in a little cottage behind our house, had fallen in the shower and that Janet had taken her to the ER. We quickly headed for home and wished we weren't 2 1/2 hours away . . .

When we got home, we discovered that "Mum Mum" had broken her leg in the fall. She was scared and in a lot pain. Monday morning, she was seen by an orthopedic doctor, and we learned that she has a spiral fracture of the fibula. She is now in a cast and not allowed to put any weight on that leg for the next 6-8 weeks. That means she is in a wheelchair and will require help with every aspect of her self-care. In other words, my responsibilites have just increased exponentially . . .

If the Lord leads, please pray for her, and for my husband and me, as we all work through this new challenge . . .

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Christie said...

Wow, that is going to be a lot of extra work. I'll be praying for you, that God will greatly multiply your patience, time, and joy!

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