Sunday, October 12, 2008

Friday Night Football

We spend our Friday nights sitting on bleachers, braving the heat and eventually the cold, the gnats and the mosquitoes, and even the rain, while cheering for the Sherwood Christian Academy Eagles!

Three of our previously home-schooled sons attend SCA and are involved with the Eagle's football team. Our oldest son, Taylor, is a senior and plays offensive and defensive tackle and center. Our second oldest son, Joshua, is a junior and is the team's tireless manager and the one who makes sure there is a Dry Football for every play! Then, our third oldest son, Joseph, is a freshman, who plays on special teams during kick offs and kick off returns and gets to play as a tight end when we are way ahead! :)

Friday night, Sherwood played Valwood, and came out on top 17-7! Here are some pictures from the game:

Bethany and me -- before the game

Christopher, 13, eating some french fries before the game.

Hannah and Bethany and Hannah's friend, Marly, playing with Polly Pockets before the game.

Luke, 10, eating his kid's meal before the game.

The coach's daughter - in a "reflective" mood!

Joy and Jennifer cheering for "McSwain, the Train!"

Coach "Rock" inspires the team before the game. The tallest guy is my son, Taylor.

The team during the National Anthem. They seem to know better than some presidential candidates how to show proper respect for our nation and its flag!

My son, Taylor, is the tallest one in the back, #96

I love the way the players hold their helmets in the air and the cheerleaders hold up their pom poms during the opening kick-off!

Bethany and her Beary!

The team coming out of the huddle.

Hannah, age 11 1/2, gets tired of the football games, but enjoys spending time with the girl friends she has made there. It is tough to be surrounded by so many boys and boy activities, especially when you are not a rough and tumble type of girl!

That's all for this week! Stay tuned for next week's game!

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