Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

God created the family, and places such a high value on it, that when we are Born Again, He places us into a spiritual family -- The Family of God.

Members of a family have both privileges and responsbilities. One responsibility we have is to come along side and encourage and exhort one another to godliness.

Recently, I had the privilege of being encouraged to have a godly response to a difficult situation by a sister. This wise woman happens to be both my earthly sister and my sister in Christ. I guess that makes her a double sister! :)

After reading my pit bull post (and being privy to the details behind it), she sent me an email which contained some gold nuggets of truth, which she has given me permission to post here. These nuggets apply to a wide range of circumstances, so I'm sure everyone will be able to benefit from her wisdom. Here are the highlights of what she shared:

1. Did any of this situation take God by surprise? NO! He is in control of all things, even a teacher or coach's actions or decisions. All authority comes from God, and He allowed this teacher or coach to direct my child at this time. He was in complete control and any hardships that come out of it, do not take Him by surprise!

2. Do I want my children to see me respecting or disrespecting authority? If I want them to show respect to that authority, as well as all other authorities in their lives, I need to make sure that I am setting the right example by showing them that even if treated unfairly/unjustly, or accused wrongfully, that we still need to accept that the authority was placed in our lives by God, and submit to that authority as unto the Lord.

3. We are to praise God in all circumstances . . . we can still thank Him during times of disappointments, and often times that is when He is trying to teach us something . . . I don't know who learns the most during these times, the parent, or the child! :) There are many times I don't agree with something, may not like it, and may be really hurting because of it, but I know that God has allowed it for a reason, so I best quit feeling sorry for myself and see what God has for me to learn through it!!

OK -- that's it -- God's wisdom for my situation delivered lovingly by my sister, who has had much experience with these types of things with 5 children in Christian school for many years! The whole school thing is still new to me, as I've only had children in a school setting for the last 3 years. My three oldest sons attend a Christian school, primarily so they can participate in team sports -- something important to those big, strapping boys! Participating in team sports teaches our sons many things, and as it turns out, involves quite a few hard lessons for their parents too!!

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