Sunday, January 11, 2009

What's in Your Fridge??

Saturday night, my son, Josh smoked some chicken leg quarters for supper. I needed to whip up some side dishes to accompany his main course and wasn't quite sure what to make, especially since my grocery account is depleted while the month is not . . .

A perusal of the refrigerator revealed several plastic containers full of odds and ends that were in danger of becoming science experiments, if I didn't find a way to use them. But, if I served them as they were, I doubted anyone would really eat them. So, I got to work and recycled those leftovers into a delicious meal that had my family raving!

First, I took some leftover broccoli and chopped it up a bit and added a can of cream of chicken soup, some minced onion, 2 beaten eggs, and some grated cheddar cheese, and turned it into a delicious broccoli casserole.

Then, I grabbed the bowl of leftover egg noodles and heated them in the microwave along with a stick of butter. When they were hot, I stirred in some grated parmesan cheese and Italian seasoned bread crumbs. This innovation made a very tasty side dish, which my hungry family devoured!

Next, I took some leftover baked potatoes that had been languishing in the fridge for close to a week, and took off the skins and mashed them with a potato masher. I warmed the potatoes in the microwave and stirred in some butter, a little bit of sour cream left in the bottom of a container, and the last bit of Ranch seasoning mix. You should have seen those potatoes disappearing!! Everyone loved them!

Finally, I chopped up some raw veggies from the crisper drawer and added them to a base of Spring Mix Salad blend, and created a delicious salad to round out my meal.

My family Loved the meal and I was so proud of the way I creatively used up my leftovers that I just had to share!!

On Monday I will look for a way to use up some leftover whole wheat spaghetti noodles. Any suggestions??

By the way, there weren't any leftovers! :)

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Kathy - mom of many said...

I just cleaned out my fridge yesterday and now I have all the tupperwear one could possible need, lol. They had been in there holding way too many things for too long. I am discovering that if my children put away the leftovers after dinner, I forget them and I don't even know where they are. But, if I put them away, we are more likely to use them again. I like your baked potato idea.

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