Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another Celebration!

We had so much fun with our Valentine's Day Celebration, that I decided to try to come up with something fun for President's Day, too. Admittedly, it is not a day we normally celebrate!

I put the children in charge of decorating the table, instructing them to find some books and games about Presidents in the school room to use to make an arrangement for the dining table. I also told them to build a log cabin out of Lincoln Logs, since Abraham Lincoln, and many other US presidents were born in log cabins. This is what they created:

Didn't the table turn out cute??

While Tiffany helped the younger children decorate and set the table, Joshua grilled the chicken to Perfection! I love chicken breasts when they are tender and juicy, but don't have much tolerance for a dried out, tough chicken breast!! So, I was very pleased with Joshua's efforts! Now, I suppose Venison or Rabbit Stew might have been a more traditional meal, keeping to the theme of log cabin leaders -- but we went with what we had on hand! I guess we might have had opossum or armadillo stew -- but I just haven't learned the art of "road kill" dining!!!! ;)

After eating, we divided up into two teams, pitting one side of the table against the other, and tried answering the questions from the Hail to the Chief board game. We had fun testing our knowledge of US history, even though the teams were a bit lop-sided! It should come as no surprise that Taylor's team won the challenge!

Now, don't feel bad if YOU haven't had any special celebrations lately!! There are many nights that it is all that I can do to get dinner on the table, and sometimes it just doesn't seem worth the extra effort to try to come up with something creative, especially when the big boys think my ideas are a bit goofy, anyway! You know what?? They may make noise sometimes, but they're just trying to be Cool, and secretly I think they like Mom's crazy ideas!! ;)

On the other hand, sometimes we just need a little push to be creative and put a little more effort into our family meal times. Anything we can do to build memories or create family bonds that anchor our children's hearts to home is well worth the effort! If you need some inspiration or creative ideas for your family meal times, may I suggest The Family Meal Table by Nancy Campbell?

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snicklefritz said...

so cool!!!!
the table looks great!!


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