Friday, February 27, 2009

Five for Victory

As I've mentioned before, we really enjoy a good read-aloud book. I don't read nearly as much as I used to in years gone by, with the busyness of our aging family, but we still aim for a chapter or two during lunch each weekday.

Currently, we are reading Five for Victory by Hilda van Stockum, which is the first installment in the Mitchell series. We read this series several years ago, and we love these books! The author has a wonderful ability to capture the craziness and chaotic fun of family life with young children. When we read the cute things that Angela Mitchell says or does, we all look fondly at our little "Angela" (a.k.a. Bethany), and laugh aloud!

This book is not only fun, but will give you a glimpse into family life in America during WWII.

I wanted to share a fun sentence from the book that really caught my eye yesterday! I think you'll like it:

"Joan wondered why it was that uncles and fathers were so noticeable when they were home, and mothers and grannies when they were away."

How true is that? ;)

Have a good weekend with your family! And remember to enjoy the printed word together!

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