Saturday, February 28, 2009

Keeping Score

We have some kind of sickness at our house. The victims are mostly just fevered and lethargic. (The best kind of sickness from a Mom's perspective! Especially when no emptying the contents of one's stomach is involved!!!)

Matthew is obsessed with his temperature. We have two digital thermometers and he keeps taking his temperature (under his arm) every few minutes and announcing his "score". One time he asked me, "Mom, If Josh and I have the same score, does that mean we have the same sickness??" :)

Yesterday, his fever was down and he thought he was getting well! So, he announced that his temperature was Zero. After a sibling explained that you would die if your temperature got too low, he began to worry about that end of the equation! So, he kept taking his temperature and if it were lower than the last time, he would come to me with a worried expression on his face and ask me if he were about to die!! After calming his fears, I tried to explain about body temperature and how God created people so that their body temperature had to stay within a certain range or they would die. Interesting -- trying to explain that to a concerned six year old!

Chris joined the ranks of the ill last night, and my family room is beginning to resemble a hospital room with three sick children camped out in there with all of their blankets and pillows and stuff!

Oh, make that four! Here comes Joe, holding his head and moaning and headed for a couch!

1 comment:

Amy said...

Oh, no! I hope everyone is feeling better SOON, and that it doesn't spread any further. :)

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