Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Presidential Poetry

A question from our presidential board game, prompted me to think of this poem, which I wrote while taking a poetry class in college:

The President Was Shot Today

The President was shot today,
while I played tennis in the sun.
I'ts the new American way.

It was predicted to be this way.
Because a man misused his gun,
the President was shot today.

Which led some of our men to say,
"I told you he was too old to run."
It's the new American way.

And some just simply knelt to pray,
"Oh God, please bless our sick nation;
the President was shot today."

And others continued on their way,
ignoring what Hinckley had done.
It's the new American way.

The President will live, they say,
but a new era has begun.
The President was shot today.
It's the new American way.

Little did I know at that time how much our great country would decline into immorality and "tolerance" and liberalism and socialism . . . . It is Very Sad to witness the destruction of a country once founded upon biblical principles . . .

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