Saturday, February 28, 2009


Remember "the committee" that blessed us with the GINORMOUS Box of Super Bowl Supplies right before Super Bowl Sunday??

Well, the "committee" has struck again!

Friday night we received another surprise drop-off that included 3 huge buckets of ice cream and all of the makings for banana splits!!!! How fun is that???

The children and I spent Saturday doing some much-needed housecleaning and laundry, while Alan took care of some things at the office and ran some errands for his mom. Those who were sick spent the day sleeping, watching movies and playing computer games. Everyone looked forward to the promise of ending the day with some delicious ice cream sundaes!

After supper was eaten and cleaned up, we played a game of Cranium Conga, and then we enjoyed creating and eating our ice cream sundaes!

This is Tiffany's picture-perfect creation!

Matthew enjoyed having his ice cream in a cone!

Here is Hannah's concoction!

And here is mine. Of course, I thought it would seem ungrateful to not share in the fun
of the ice cream party,
so here I am enjoying a small, tiny, diet size ice cream sundae!!

Poor Joseph found that the ice cream soothed his sore throat and feverish body.

So, if any members of the "committee" happen to drop by my blog and read this post, Thank You for your generosity!! We loved every bite of it!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

How fun, and what a great surprise!! Don't we serve a GREAT GOD?! I love to see the little ways He lovingly provides for us - He always knows when we need that encouragment in our lives!

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