Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

These pictures were taken of Bethany, age 4 1/2, at church on Sunday. For various reasons (primarily because of moving to another state), we were not able to participate in a baby dedication service at church when she was a baby, like we did with all the other children. However, we had the privilege of being part of a parent/child dedication service at our church this past Sunday. Although there were other toddlers, she was definitely the oldest child being presented to the Lord, and now that I think about it, I guess we were definitely the oldest parents standing up there, too!! :)

Bethany is such a little mommy, and mothers the babies at church to death! She also constantly amuses us with the things she says, and I thought I would share this little scene from yesterday:

Bethany runs to me sobbing, with Hannah close behind.

Bethany to me, inbetween sobs: "Hannah says I can't marry Diana (a little friend she knows from church)!"

Me to Bethany: "That's right, sweetie. You need to marry a boy."

Bethany to Me, sobbing even harder: "But I don't have any favorite boys!"

Me to Bethany: "Oh, Sweetie, you are just little! You don't need a favorite boy yet! You have a long time before you need to get married!"

Bethany to me, still sobbing her little heart out: "But, Mommy, I want a baby in my tummy!!!"

Well, at least she understands the correct order of events!!! :)

This story reminds me of a story that my mother tells of her childhood. When she was about six, she was in the hospital with a severe strep infection. When she saw the babies in the hospital nursery, she told the nurses she was not leaving without one!~! They told her to come back in a few years, and they would give her one of the babies then! But not to be deterred, she told them bravely, "I'm NOT stupid. I can see that there aren't many babies left, and they will all be gone by then!!!" :)

Isn't it a blessing when little girls DESIRE to be mothers, and look forward to the day that they can have babies of their own??? If only, we can prevent the world from taking this natural, God-given desire away from them and keep them from being brainwashed by this feminist generation!!!!!!


Jules said...

That's such a cute story. Just this week a friend announced that she was pregnant - and not thrilled about it. I felt so sad especially since I know she had her husband tried for years to have their first child but now that they have two they don't want any more. In my work I also often hear parents saying "Two is enough for me. I couldn't handle any more." I just want to cry for those people that see children as hardwork and a burden and ignore the blessings. I'm glad there are still some girls growing up that have a right attitude towards babies and motherhood.

Amy said...

Yes!! My little girl also "mommies" other little ones...and a couple of not-so-little-ones (namely, her big brothers!). She has "twin" baby dolls that are her favorite, and she will turn ANYTHING into a "baby" for her to be the mommy of. Today, it was my fingers. Seriously.

Great post!

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