Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Weighing In on Weight Loss

I have developed an ironic sort of hobby over the past few years. I collect books on weight loss and fitness! Not only do I collect them, I actually READ them, highlight them, and even take notes on them!!! Some of these books I have even read multiple times!! I read them at night before going to sleep; I take them along on trips to read; I read them while waiting for boys at ball practice; I read them while sitting by the pool in the summer; I even read them while working out on the treadmill or the elliptical machine! Just for fun, I decided to take all of the weight loss/fitness books off my bookshelves and stack them on my scale. Would you believe they weighed in at 24 pounds?????? Here is a picture!!!!!

Want to see a close up view???

Now, if you are totally Amazed by this stack of books, let me tell you that these aren't ALL of the books I have read on the topic! I have also checked out a few books from the library and I have done tons of research online!! My boys tease me because I'm always researching tips about how to lose fat and build muscle and I can give them quite a bit of information about how much protein they should eat to build muscle, etc.

Now, what's really ironic about this whole thing is that I am not a pound thinner for all of this research and study!!! Is that not CRAZY???

But, I have learned a thing or two of value from all of this reading. Want to know what I've learned???

1. Reading and researching about weight loss and fitness will not make you lose weight or get fit!!!!

2. Looking for the "perfect" program will not give you the "perfect" body!

3. Experts often disagree about the best way to lose weight and get in shape, which is partly because people are not all the same. Some people may be successful following a low-fat diet, while others will have more success with a low-carb diet. So, you do have to find what works for you.

4. You need to find a program that you can live with. I have found that I can lose weight on a low carb diet, but I can't stick to that kind of diet for long, because of my lifestlye and budgetary constraints.

5. Probably most any plan will work IF you follow it closely enough and stick with it long enough. I am probably too strong in the "flexibility" department, and I am definitely weak in the Patience department! I need to zero in on a specific plan and Just Do It!!!

Well, that is probably enough weight loss wisdom for one day!! I have decided to start a series called "Weight Loss Wednesdays." I plan to post book reviews, nuggets of wisdom (no, not chicken nuggets!), and thoughts about my weight loss journey. I also plan to weigh in each Wednesday and share my weight loss (or not!) on this blog. How is that for accountability??? I'm hoping that the pressure of knowing I must weigh in and then post it on my blog each Wednesday will help me stay on track!

I would love to have you join me!!! Are you bold enough to join me for a weekly weigh in each Wednesday? You don't have to share your exact weight, just how much you gain or lose each week! Post it on your own blog or in the comments section.

Also, I'd love for you to post comments if you are a mom who has successfully won the "battle of the bulge" while homeschooling and managing a busy family! I really want to hear what worked for you.


Rebecca's Refining said...

Great idea! :) This sounds like fun! By the way, I find it funny that we both used the word "nugget" in our blogs on the same day!!

Laurel said...

This is something I NEED ... help with weight loss while homeschooling and managing a house FULL.

Looking forward to finding out what works ... since I certainly haven't discovered it yet.

mama of 13

Jules said...

Do you want to know how I lost weight years ago? Accountability. I was doing a paper on behaviour modification as part of my degree and I decided to change my eating habits. I would've given up except I had to finish that paper and hand it in! So this is a great idea you have. I might even join you since the scales have started creeping up again (because I stopped being so careful about everything I put in my mouth). One tip that works for me is to pack your lunch and snacks each morning even if you're going to be home all day. That way you don't go to the cupboard and reach for all the wrong things.

Michelle said...

1. Reading and researching about weight loss and fitness will not make you lose weight or get fit!!!!

2. Looking for the "perfect" program will not give you the "perfect" body!

That is my problem! Thank you for solving this for me, I thought if I did one and two religiously, and I did, that I would lose the weight. NOT working for me. LOL
Great post, I'll get back to you on the weigh in thing...not ;-)

No, really, I am on a very strict diet right now in conjunction with major doses of supplements in hopes to heal some of the health issues I have been struggling with. I am praying it works. Weight loss is inevitable, but not the main focus. We shall see what the Lord has planned!

BTW did you see my post about the Titus 2 Blog party? Please join in, we need some 'older' (not saying that in a bad way;-) moms to mentor. Not that us 'older' moms aren't still learning, right? Anyway, please check it out, I am praying we can reach lots of women and get lots of people's blogs noticed. There are so many great blogs that need to be noticed, I am hoping this helps.

Have a lovely weekend,

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