Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Go for the Green!

I did it! I made my first Green Smoothie!!! Want to see??

I was inspired to try a green smoothie by reading this blog post, and motivated to use this recipe. My intentions were confirmed after looking through my most recent Beeyoutiful catalog, where I discovered an informative article entitled, A Smooth Transition to Eating More Greens. This reminded me of a dear friend who discovered that starting her day with a green smoothie gave her tons of energy! So, I decided it was time to give this idea a try!

The Smoothie was indeed green, but everyone is right, with some frozen bananas and strawberries thrown in, you really can't taste all of that spinach! I also added some aloe juice and a scoop of whey protein, to complete my nutritious concoction!

I discovered that greens aren't just ordinary vegetables, they are nutrient powerhouses! According to Nancy Webster, the author of A Smooth Transition to Eating More Greens:

"The simple and delicious answer to getting more healthful greens into your family's diet is smoothies. Yes, green smoothies. . . . Why not just eat them, rather than hauling out the blender? It's because green foods have strong cell walls that hold in their valuable nutrients. Although the walls can be broken down by cooking, heat kills the living, beneficial enzymes, and many vitamins and minerals are lost in the cooking water (that's why you should always consume the water after cooking vegetables and greens, either as a drink or disguised in soup). You can also eat greens raw, but no matter how long and how hard you chew, you won't break them down into the 1-2mm sized particles required to rupture all the cell walls. Blending releases all the stored nutrients without destroying any of the health-giving benefits."

What are the health benefits of eating greens??

The article explains that, "Greens provide a two-fold magic not found in other vegetables: greens assist the digestion of all our food, and they contain life-giving chlorophyll. In fact, greens are the only food group that helps digest other foods because they stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes. We're all born with a limited supply of digestive enzymes because the plan was that we'd regularly consume greens to re-supply them. Instead, we've generally abused our gastrointestinal tracts with processed foods, chemicals, and stress. Our birth supply of enzymes is exhausted, so replenishing with greens is desperately needed. Hydrochloric acid (HCI), a substance our stomachs secrete to help digest food, naturally starts to diminish as we near age 40. Without HCI, stomachs are unable to break down and assimilate nutrients."

The article goes on to explain the health benefits of chlorophyll, but I'll let you research that on your own!

Today is the Perfect day to try a Green drink! So . . .

Go for the Green!!!!


Noel said...

I have spinach and strawberries in my fridge right now. I think I'll surprise everybody with this at supper :)

busymomof10 said...

Let me know how your surprise goes! My younger children were skeptical at first, but ask for seconds! :)

Debbie @ Cheaper by the Bakers Dozen said...

I need recipes! (Mostly for the pizza crust from your last post, but while you're at it you can throw in the green shake.)

Also, would you email me your snail mail address? I got your Old Year's Letter back in the mail and I need to send it back out before the year is over!


Christi said...

only you would set it up on a shelf so pretty!
I am struggling with the idea of GREEN smoothies...but you make a great point!

You, And our other friends may convince me yet!

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