Monday, March 9, 2009

My Daughter -- a Baby Snatcher???

Our little 4 year old princess, Bethany, has had a royal case of the flu! She has been quite sick with a high fever for several days, and her normal vivaciousness has been replaced with lethargy and listlessness. But, yesterday morning we caught a glimpse of the return of her fiesty little spirit!

She awoke early from her Snow-White-slumber and ordered her bath to be drawn! While I ran her bath water, she announced that she needed her clean Purple (the color of royalty!) Pajamas and underwear! When I offered to help her wash her hair, she assured me that she could Do It Herself! She bathed, washed and rinsed her hair, got out and dried off, put on her clean clothes without a bit of assistance, and then asked me to dry her golden hair!

You could tell she felt very much refreshed after her bath and clean clothes, and that her fiesty little spirit was much revived! She accompanied me to the kitchen to make coffee and unload the dishwasher, all the while talking and looking vaguely pleased with herself.

Apparently during her illness she must have had lots of "down time" to contemplate her dilemma about not being able to have a baby in her tummy, because suddenly, out of the blue, she said with great conviction,

"Mommy, If I can't have a baby in my tummy, I'll just steal one!!!"

oh my!!!! :o

1 comment:

Noel said...

This was funny, but I sure hope your daughter is feeling better :)

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