Monday, March 2, 2009

Titus 2 Blog Party Introduction

Hi! Welcome to my blog! If you've been reading for awhile, please excuse me while I introduce myself to my guests who are here visiting for the Titus 2 Blog Party sponsored by Michelle.

My name is Elizabeth and I have been married to the same incredible man for nearly 26 years! I met my husband at college, where he played basketball on the first male basektball team at a college that was once exclusively for women. We got married one week after I graduated with my BA degree in English. My wonderful husband has a career in county administration that has moved us around a good bit over the years! A quick finger count reveals at least 8 moves!

When we got married, we planned to have a couple children and a dog. You know, the average American family! Actually, I wanted one or two children and he wanted two or three, so his standard line is that we compromised with ten!~~ Actually, what happened is that after we had two precious children and a dog, the Lord changed our hearts about children in a truly miraculous way! (More about that some other time!) We learned that children are a Blessing, not a burden (See Psalm 127 and 128), and most importantly, that God is the Creator of Life and the one who opens and closes the womb! Sure, we cooperate with Him in the creation of new life; but God is one who actually authors life. Just like when we plant seeds in a garden -- we may plant and even water, but we can not make those seeds grow! It is God that performs the miracle of life that allows that seed to become a tender new plant capable of pushing up through the hard earth.

So, we began the adventure of trusting the Lord with our family size in 1989 and He has blessed us with ten children -- six boys and four girls! Has it been easy? NO! Has it been rewarding? YES! Would we do it again?? We have discussed that question numerous times, and the answer is always YES!

We began homeschooling in 1990, when our oldest daughter was in kindergarten. That "experiment" grew into a lifestyle of home education that has greatly influenced who we are and who are children have become. We have been homeschooling for 19 years now, and have quite a few years to go to complete the process! However, we did take a fork in the road three years ago when we enrolled our oldest son in a Christian school, so he could follow his dream and play basketball. We now have three sons in the same Christian school, where they all play at least two or three of the following sports -- football, basketball, baseball, track, and golf, as well as being involved in student government and other leadership opportunities. As with any decision, it has had its drawbacks, but overall, we feel that it has been beneficial for them in their journey towards manhood.

Ok, that is more background than you probably had time for! I do like to write, and can sometimes get carried away when there is a keyboard under my fingers! :)

Families are always growing and changing, but here is a "snapshot" of what our family currently looks like. Our oldest daughter, Tiffany, is 23. She graduated from college last May, with BA degrees in Music and Spanish, and now teaches 5th grade and Music at a local Christian school. She lives with us and is also working on her masters degree in elementary education online, so she is very busy! Ashlyn, 21, is a student at a Bible Institute in another state and works at a pediatrician's office. She has a heart for missions and enjoys photography. Taylor, 18, is a senior at Sherwood Christian Academy, with a bad case of "senioritis!" He is looking forward to going to college this fall, and will probably be attending LaGrange College and helping out their football team's offensive line! Joshua, 16, is a junior at Sherwood and a lifeguard for the YMCA. He hopes to be a Meterologist and is considering a career with the Navy. Joseph, 15, is the most naturally athletic of the boys. He is a freshman at SCA, and just got his beginner's permit on Friday! Christopher is 13, and loves playing war games on the computer and reading about WWII. Hannah, almost 12, also loves reading and enjoys emailing friends. They are both in 7th grade at home and enjoy doing their HomeSat classes together. Luke, 10, and in 4th grade, is excited about a new baseball season starting on Saturday! He is playing 1st base this year and is hoping to get some good hits! All he needs is a good single, because once he is on base, he is amazing at stealing around the bases!~ Matthew is 6 and in K-5, where he is struggling to master the art and science of Reading! Bethany, 4, is the regal baby of the family, with all the honor and privilege associated with that position!! :)

So, that is my family and the subject of most of my blog posts! I started blogging about five months ago, when a friend suggested that I give it a try because she thought it was "right up my alley." I love writing and I enjoy capturing my daily life as a mother of a large family. I also enjoy sharing my life, my faith, my opinions, and my reflections with family, friends, and anyone who wanders over to my blog and stays long enough to learn about me and my family!

I hope my blog will be a source of encouragment to my family, by preserving memories of our daily life for them to savor someday. (That is especially true since I'm hopelessly behind on scrapbooking and will probably never catch up . . . ) I also hope to encourage other mothers, especially those with a lot of children, who can read about Real Life with a large family on my blog. And I hope that my blog will be a ministry to other women as I encourage them to love their husbands and children and keep their homes in the spirit of Titus 2 . . .

Which explains why I am excited about this Titus 2 Blog Party that Michelle over at She Looketh Well . . . has set up. Please check out Michelle's blog to find out more about it and join us for the party! I'm sure it will be a blessing to you!


Michelle said...

WOOHOO! You did it! thank you so much for being a part of this party!

Loved reading your intro! Have a fun week partying!

Don't forget to check out each days special posts and comment to enter in the drawing, though probably have everything I am giving away! ;-)

CristyLynn said...

This is so much fun meeting so many new people online. I look forward to reading more about you and getting to know you!
I love the picture on your header--very fun!
By grace,

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Can you come over here to Indonesia and have coffee? I would love to sit and listen and glean wisdom from you! I would love to have a woman a little farther along down the path of homeschooling and mothering to hear from!!
I am so looking forward to coming back here and hearing more about your family and your heart as a wife and a mother!!

Deanna said...

Dear One,
Just stopping by to say hello from Titus 2 Blog Party and will return to read more of your blog.
How awesome a life you have.
God richly BLESS you ALL.
Deanna from the Kansas Flinthills

Civilla said...

Hello and welcome. Nice looking family.

Linda said...

I enjoyed reading your post.

Shanna said...


Thank you so much for giving us a glimpse into your life. I look forward to reading more.

Joyce said...

I am so glad to meet you, and look forward to reading more of what you have to say. <3

You and your husband have one more blessing than us; we have nine children, ages 26 down to 13, and 2 grandchildren with one more on the way.

Buildeth Her House said...

You have a wonderful family. I love chatting with other moms who have their hands full. We have seven ourselves. I'll be following your blog, Hopefully we can bless each other!

Linda said...

I loved your explanation of why you have allowed God to open your womb and give you these 10 special blessings. My middle daughter has birthed 9 children, but 3 of them are living in heaven.
After the birth and death of their second child it really came to them that He gives life and He sometimes takes it away.
She has written a book called, "In Faithfulness He Afflicted Me".
If you go to my blog she is on the sidebar. Her site is Dancing Barefoot,...on weathered ground.
I have lived this journey with her and He has taught me so much through these trials.
I wrote a poem/writing on my post today called "I Am Held", and I hope it will be a blessing to any who read it.

Gombojav Tribe said...

That was a blessing to read! Makes me wish I'd put a little more into my intro!

I think I said this before on your blog, but I LOVE your header!!!

Jules said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Glad to see you've joined the party too. I answered your question about how long hair propelled me into blogging on my blog in the comments section.

I've said before that I'm always in awe of how you manage to be a mother to ten children - just the age range must be a challenge.

I love your blog,

Blessings, Jules

Dea (pronounced Deah, like Leah) said...

Hi Elizabeth,
It is nice to meet you through this blog party!It is a lot of fun!:)
For His His grace,

Connie said...

You have a wonderful family and have given them a wonderful gift - so many brothers and sisters! I have 8 sisters and 1 brother, my husband has 2 sisters and 6 brothers. I guess we have special bragging right!

God bless you - looks like you have a wonderful blog.

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