Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Every Thing There is a Season

It's hard to believe it is baseball season again already! One thing I have learned from being a "soccer mom" (except we don't do soccer!) is that one season overlaps another season in an exhausting, never-ending cycle.

Football season is grueling for the guys, but not as hard on us "old folks" since games are only on Friday nights! But, basketball season rides on the coat tails of football season and controls your schedule all week long. As soon as the varsity boys lost in their bid for the state championship, the guys went straight to their spring sport practices -- baseball for Joe, golf for Josh, and track for Taylor. (Taylor is just running with the track team to keep in shape.) On top of that, they have off-season weight work-outs for football all winter and spring, followed by spring training in May and then grueling, daily summer workouts!! So, it is pretty constant!

It is pretty much like life in a large family. One big event flows right into the next with lots of daily "work outs" in between! Plus, we find ourselves navigating several seasons at once. Our family is out of the baby season, and unbelievably, we don't buy Huggies any more! But, while most other couples our age are pretty much done with child rearing, and just have kids in college, or possibly finishing up high school, we have adult "children", a son going off to college in the fall, sons still in high school, and, of course, some middle children and young children in the home. So, we find ourselves straddling several seasons at once. It will be even more interesting, when we add the grandparenting stage -- but thankfully, we have a bit more time before entering that one!! I do have some friends with large families who are still having babies, while also welcoming grandbabies! That must be challenging! For more on this topic, read what Mama Ant had to say about these overlapping seasons.

Anyway, back to baseball! Our long-legged, Luke, 10, plays on a minors Dixie League team. After winning their first game 12-6 last Saturday, they won again tonight 4-2. Luke hit a single and a double, and stole home twice! That means he had two of his team's four runs! I was really proud of him! Last year he struggled making the transition to minors and learning to hit from the kid pitchers. But, this year, he is off to a strong start! It is amazing what just one year of maturing can do!

As soon as Luke's game was over, we rushed over to the Sherwood Winter Sports Awards Banquet, which officially wraps up the winter sport season.

Josh and Joe played on the B team, which won about half of their games. This young team was recognized for their accomplishments this year, which included much improvement by individual players and learning the value of teamwork.

Then the Varsity team was recognized and honored for winning 20 games this season and reaching the Elite Eight in the state play-offs. They missed going to the Final Four by a heart-breaking 2 points . . .

Joe, Taylor and Josh were among those recognized as scholar athletes, for keeping an average of 90 or over in every subject during the season. Then, Taylor was awarded the Kingdom Athlete Award for Varsity Basketball, for demonstrating Christian character, spiritual maturity, selflessness and leadership. Apparently, this came as a big surprise -- from observing the "deer in the headlights" look on the boys' faces!!!

So, we celebrate the conclusion of this season, which includes the end of Taylor's high school basketball career, and anticipate the seasons to come, which will include many more baseball, basketball and football games for these fellas, and college football for Taylor.


Amy said...

Congrats to all of your athletes! Way to go!! We had only an overlap of one week between Upward basketball (both boys) and baseball season beginning (youngest boy). That was enough for me!!! :)

Lainie said...

You should be so proud! I laugh at myself when I start thinking "When we get through with _____ we can take a break." When will I learn that there are no breaks!

busymomof10 said...

It seems to me that the older they all get, and the more they get involved in outside activities and start getting part-time jobs, etc., the BUSIER our lives get! And you are right, there never seems to be a break! It used to be that we could count on a break during the summer, but sometimes I think our summers are just about as busy as our school years -- I just substitute homeschooling with home decluttering! Then, the summers require lots of chauffering to football workouts and part-time jobs, etc. It helped a lot when my oldest son got his driver's license last spring. Now, my two oldest boys both drive. So, that helps in many ways, including giving a boost to my prayer life! :)

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