Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Typical Saturday

I thought I would give you a glimpse into what a typical Saturday looks like at our house!

I like to sleep in a little bit, but still get up before the rest of the family to enjoy the peace and quiet! That is always my favorite time of the day -- the early morning before anyone else is up! I so enjoy being able to hear myself think!

Gradually little ones and bigger ones begin to stir from their cozy nests, motivated either by hunger pangs or by their desire to be the first one to claim the computer!

My son, Josh, is always one of the first ones up on a Saturday -- but for neither of those reasons. He leaves for work at the "Y" around 7:30 am. He is a lifeguard and he guards the indoor pool on Saturdays throughout the school year and teaches swimming lessons.

After everyone has gotten up and eaten their breakfast, which is sometimes a big breakfast like pancakes, but yesterday was just a grab-your-own-bowl-of-cereal-or-bagel day, I give out job lists. These are a list of housecleaning chores written on index cards. Usually, when each child completes his or her job list, he or she gets free time. However, yesterday, my husband had his own agenda for the children, with a list of outside jobs that each one needed to accomplish. So, his jobs lists took priority over my job lists!

We also got sidetracked from cleaning the inside of the house when we started working on removing the sticky layer of pollen from the porches and rearranging the back porch to incorporate some wrought iron furniture that Alan's mom was tired of using. Matt and Bethany enjoyed a banana break on the "new" porch furniture.

Then, mid-day, we left our work to go to Luke's baseball game. Luke played well -- got some good hits, and it was an exciting 8-7 victory for his team!

After the game, Alan went to pick up the new wicker porch furniture his mom had picked out, while I made a quick run to the grocery store, and the boys worked in the yard -- raking, pruning, tilling the garden, cleaning Mum Mum's bird bath, etc.

Then, Alan and I drove over to see his newly renovated office, and while we were out, we took our old porch rockers to their new home on another family's porch, and went to SAM'S to pick up milk for the week and pick out a cake for tomorrow's birthday celebration.

By the time we got back, Taylor was leaving for work at Zaxby's for the night, and Josh was just returning from the golf course. I sometimes wonder if our neighbors just sit and watch in amazement at all the vehicles going in and out of our driveway as various family members come and go!!! It is probably rather entertaining at times! ;)

By this time, it was already getting late, and I had promised to make pizza again. So, I hurriedly mixed up the pizza dough and while it was rising, I cut up the veggies. Then, Joseph was my hero!! He browned the Italian sausage and Steak'um meat and sauteed all the onions, green peppers and mushrooms. Then, he and Tiffany topped the pizzas while I panned them out.

Before long, we were all enjoying delicious homemade pizzas!!! It was a perfect meal, because the fellas enjoyed piling their plates with pizza and eating it in the family room while watching the basketball games. By the time supper was eaten and cleaned up, it was unbelievably 9 pm!

I never did finish all the house cleaning and laundry, but after supper, I talked to Ashlyn on the phone while I ironed all the boy's church clothes for Sunday. And then I sat down and worked on this blog post, while I waited for Taylor to get home from work. He didn't get home until 11:30 pm, but by then, I had no brain cells left . . . .

So, that is a fairly typical Saturday for us. How about you? Are you busy on Saturdays?


Jules said...

Just reading about all that running around makes me tired! And I know what it's like when your DH has an outdoor list of jobs for the kids to do and your own list gets ignored (or you have to do it all yourself). I always thought my Saturdays were busy but I'm not so sure now after having read your post.

Lainie said...

I need a nap after reading that! I loved the glimpse into your "typical" day.

BTW - Meatloaf recipe is over at my place.

Rebecca's Refining said...

I am jealous of having children help cook while keeping the area clean! Of course, Tiffany and Joe are a bit older....but when my family helps in the kitchen there is never enough room to work efficiently without bumping into each other, and then there is always a HUGE mess in the end!

I'm glad my schedule isn't quite as demanding and busy as yours! My busy times are short in comparrison!

By the way, I have a work list here that you can help out with...I think you "owe" me a few "labor days".....:)

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