Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Partly Sunny

The rain has moved out and today is partly cloudy. Or is it partly sunny??

It all depends on your perspective -- just like whether the glass is half-full or half-empty.

I have chosen to look at today as partly sunny!

This reminds me of some quotes I love by my favorite author, Sally Clarkson, from her book, Seasons of a Mother's Heart --

"When I pout instead of being joyful, grumble instead of praying, and complain instead of giving thanks, I am in effect telling God that he is mishandling my life and I don't like it. At that point, I have ceased to put my faith in my sovereign Lord and have chosen to put my faith in my circumstances. In other words, I am telling God and myself, that if my circumstances change, then and only then can I be happy. Until then, I have nothing to be thankful for. And that, according to Paul, is when I step out of God's will." -- p. 8

"Joy is the result of the choices that you make. If you are choosing to be thankful and learning to be content, then you are opening your heart to that joy." -- p. 12

I just wanted to let you all know that things look brighter today, and although all of my problems have not been solved, I am choosing joy!

"The joy-filled life is not found by trying to diminish my God-given responsibilities as a woman, wife and mother, nor can I find joy merely by refusing to face the hard realities of life in a fallen world. There is a tension that God is asking me to acknowledge and accept -- the tension between ideals and realities. True joy is found by living somewhere between the "ideal life" and "daily realities." That is where Jesus meets me, where his Holy Spirit empowers, and where I learn how to live the Christian life with supernatural joy." -- p. 6

How about you? Are you Choosing Joy today?


Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Ooooooo, good stuff! I thought I should print these up then thought, silly, just go get the book out and read it again. It has been years and I forgot how good it was! Thanks!

Choosing Joy,

Rachel said...

Today while waiting to cross the street on campus I was grumbling about the fact that it has been pouring now for 24 straight hours. Just then a few cars drove by and splashed me. I was wet and cold which put me in an even worse mood. Then, half way across the street I stepped in a very large puddle and my pant leg became very wet. I was in a terrible mood at this point and knew this was going to carry over into the test I was about to take. Just as I stepped to the other side of the street I walked by a large bush that is planted on the corner. I proceeded to pass by it without a thought just like any other day, but at that moment I smelled the flowers. They smelled wonderful and when I looked over I noticed how beautiful the flowers were. They were just beginning to bloom and were a beautiful fuchsia.

Just like that I was happy! I thought "I may not like the rain, but these plants deserve a gift from God as well. They are also HIS creation." I thought of all the farmers who needed rain for their plants, and of all the stray animals that may not have gotten a drink today if not for the fact that they passed by a puddle made by the rain.

I was always a glass half empty type person. A few years ago I decided that I was not going to be this way anymore. Everything God does happens for a reason, even if that reason is not for me. When I allow him to affect how I feel about every situation, even ones like rainy days, I am happy and live better for him.

Sorry for the comment being so long, but when you wrote this it just reminded me of what happened to me today, and I really feel that God led me to read your post as an approval of my behavior today.


P.S. In case you wanted to know, the difference between partly cloudy and partly sunny is how much of the sky is covered in clouds. Surprisingly enough partly sunny actually means more clouds than partly cloudy means ;) just thought you'd like to know he he

Martha said...

What an inspiring post, thank you for cheering up my day with these quotes :) you're right, most of us need to view life as "half full"

busymomof10 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your story! That was a blessing! And I never knew that about partly cloudy/partly sunny! I guess I should have consulted with my son who is an aspiring metereologist . . .
Thanks for sharing,

pinkcamojeep said...
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Amy said...

Excellent post! Thank you so much for sharing the quotes from Seasons of a Mother's Heart. I really need to read that book!

MOMSWEB said...

Mmmm...good word!

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