Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring Break, part 2

The fun continues! Our house has truly been a hub of activity this week! Here are some of the highlights:

On Tuesday, Tiffany took Matthew (6) and Bethany (4) out for a Special Time. She took them to McDonalds to eat lunch and play at the Play Place, to the library to pick out books and movies, and then to the Dollar Tree to buy something fun. Bethany came home with some play dough and a packet of seeds that she is dying to plant! Matthew picked out a spy kit for some good old fashioned adventure.

That evening, Tiffany set up a special girl time for Hannah (12). She picked up supper from Zaxby's and they closed off the doors to the girl's "apartment" and ate their special supper, watched a movie, ate some junk food, and did pedicures and manicures -- while I tried to stand guard and keep the interruptions from curious siblings down to a minimum! :)

We have always tried to encourage family unity and the idea of investing in younger siblings. One of the videos my older children will remember me making them watch over and over throughout their childhood was The Influence of Older Children on the Younger Children by S.M. Davis. I can't tell you how pleased I am that Tiffany and Ashlyn have both taken this to heart and readily use their limited free time and their resources to plan special times for their younger brothers and sisters! :)

While the girls had their special girl time on Tuesday night and the two older boys were at their jobs, the rest of us sat in the family room, watching the Braves game with Alan, or doing our own thing on our computers. After awhile, Alan declared that he had a "special family project" for everyone to work on together, and after we were done, we would celebrate with ice cream! Here are some pictures of the "special family project" -- (a.k.a. folding laundry!) :)

On Wednesday, Alan took the boys to the Andersonville Confederate Prison and POW Museum. This was a great field trip for them and gave me some time at home to plan menus and study the grocery sales and make my plan of attack for keeping this mega-family fed!

Ashlyn had a shorter break than the rest of the family, arriving home on Wednesday afternoon. When she arrived, Josh invited her and Tiffany out to dinner at a nice restaurant, his treat! Wasn't that sweet?? (Don't tell anybody, but I think he is extremely proud that he is working and has money to spend on his sisters!)

Today, after a breakfast of scrambled eggs and my special Creamy Cheese Grits, we all got in our work outs -- Ashlyn went to the gym, Tiffany and I did our T-Tapp work out, and Alan and the three older boys worked in the garden, tilling, adding a load of top soil, and struggling to extract some stubborn roots! The girls and I also took a walk in the neighborhood to enjoy the Beautiful Spring Day!

Then, I made a recession-busting trip to Sam's Club!! Ouch!!! After restocking the pantry and freezer, I mixed up some cookie dough. The cookies are baking right now! Publix had Ghiradelhi chips on sale B1G1F, and I decided to put in a combination of semi-sweet, milk chocolate, and white chocolate chips, plus chopped pecans! I'm not sure how the cookies are going to taste -- but the dough is incredible! (Not that I know from personal experience, of course --- Taylor told me it was the best cookie dough he has ever eaten!!)

The girls are out shopping right now, while Alan and the boys are enjoying a pretty competitive 2-on-2 basketball tournament! The problem with things like this is Alan has had to wait so many years for any real competition from the boys, and now, I think he has gotten more than he bargained for!!! Even though he repeatedly tells me that 50 is the new 30, he looks a little more whipped than he did when he was 30!!! :)


Jules said...

I've got my middle son home for Easter break and last night we enjoyed some family time when our eldest son came around with his family (although I did have to bribe Son#3 to come home a few hours earlier by promising to make 'real' lasagne!). Over the years we've sometimes been admired and sometimes criticised because we've always made family time a priority but when I look around at my older sons as they return home and the delight they take in being home and in being with their niece, then I know we've done something right. At present, the 3 'younger' sons are off on a bike ride together and I've got some free time. I should be folding laundry but I'm glad I came here first - your post brought a smile to my face. And oh yes, I know about the struggle to feed all those growing males. Where do they put all that food?

Martha said...

I love the pictures, your blog always feel so cozy to me with images of your beautiful family!!

Oh my, I could definitely use that pedicure ;)

I've been making cookies too! It must be Spring that's giving us a cookie craze eh?!?

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