Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break, part 3

Unbelievably, our splendid spring break has almost come to an end . . . but I won't think about that yet! I'll think about that tomorrow . . .

Friday was a busy day packed full of working on various projects, running errands, shopping, cleaning, working outside, etc. Friday evening, after discovering that our dishwasher was broken, and washing a whole kitchen full of dirty dishes, my wonderful husband announced that he was taking us all out to dinner! :) Hooray! We ate at Blackbeards and then enjoyed a Movie and Ice Cream night at home. The feature presentation was "Bedtime Stories." It's a cute movie! I especially liked one line in the movie stating that goofy is the new handsome, because that is soooo Taylor!!!

Speaking of goofy, here are some pictures from our dinner out:

I love this pic of Taylor and Joe! Remember? Goofy is the new handsome!!! :)

Today, was also full to overflowing with everyone going in different directions, trying to accomplish many tasks! Ashlyn went to the gym; Taylor headed out for a much-needed haircut and oil change in his truck, and then picked up a load of mulch. Meanwhile, Ashlyn gave Joe a driving lesson, while running some necesssary errands. Josh worked as a lifeguard at the Y this morning, and then worked the rest of the day at his new job in the Pro Shop at the country club.

I ran some necessary errands, and then tackled some house cleaning, cooking, and ironing, in preparation for Easter Sunday. Alan planted some bushes, and worked in the yard, while Tiffany worked in her room and the little ones played outside. We were like a productive hive of bees!

But the day was not all work and no play. This afternoon, Alan left with Ashlyn, Taylor, Joseph, Christopher and Luke for the big ATL, where they went to a Braves game. While they were gone, Tiffany and I took Hannah, Matthew and Bethany to church for a family cook out and Easter Egg hunt. Then, we came home and finished working on our preparations for tomorrow.
We are anticipating a great Easter/Resurrection Day Celebration. How about you??

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