Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Tribute to Hannah

I promised Hannah that I would hunt down some old pictures of her to post on my blog like I did for Josh! So, here are some pictures of sweet Hannah through the years! If I come across a few more, I may add them!

This is Hannah at 10 days old. She was my Longest baby at 22 3/4" and weighed 9 pounds 6 ounces! Would you believe she was born 3 weeks early?? She was also born at home with a midwife! You can see here that she enjoyed having room to stretch out after she was born!

This is Hannah around 3 years old! Her sisters had curled her very straight hair with sponge rollers and were so proud of her curls!

I think Hannah was about 6 years old in this picture.

When she was 8 she donated her hair to Locks of Love for the first time.

This is Hannah with her friends Bekah and Abby, who recently surprised her with a visit! I think Hannah was 8 here.

Hannah turned 9 while on our trip out west in 2006. Actually, she remembers spending her birthday in Alcatraz!! She did escape from Alcatraz, and here she is with her family at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Hannah had the incredible opportunity of seeing the Grand Canyon at the age of 9!

Hannah loves the beach and here she is at Panama City Beach in August 2006.

Hannah and Bethany helped Tiffany make the Thanksgiving Pies, November 2006.

Hannah and Bethany, December 2007 on our front porch. Hannah is an incredible big sister!

Hannah with Matt, Chris and Luke at a basketball game -- January 2008. Hannah is a very supportive little sister, always ready to cheer for her big brothers at their football, basketball and baseball games!

Fall 2008 -- doing her schoolwork on the back porch. Hannah is a very responsible student and always faithful to complete her assignments!

Here is Hannah now -- a beautiful, 12 year old, young lady! She is a very tender-hearted and generous girl who loves God and faithfully reads His Word each night before she goes to bed!

And for the grand finale, here is Hannah showing what she got for her birthday! A rite of passage - a privilege that a girl in our family can choose for herself once she turns 12!


Martha said...

Aw, Hannah is a beautiful young lady. You must be proud of her! Happy Birthday Hannah!! I love the earrings!

Amy said...

Hannah is beautiful! Her sweetness shines through. :) Happy birthday, Hannah!

Kathy - mom of many said...

Happy belated birthday Hannah! What nice pictures and you have grown up very gracefully. It was fun to read your mom's description of your personality.

book worm said...

Thanks for writing a post about me Mom!!!!!!! I love it!!!!

book worm said...

Thanks for writing a post about me Mom!!!!! I love it!!!!!

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