Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Wednesday again! Where does a week go??

I thought I was doing well with my eating the latter part of last week and so far this week, but I think the delicious food at the Prayer Retreat did me in. Or maybe it was the M&Ms I ate to keep me alert while driving . . .

Anyway, I am holding steady at the same weight. No gain; no loss. How about you?

Since my struggle with my weight is pretty uninspiring, I am going to share another woman's story with you. This woman's transformation is incredible!! She is so inspiring and her story gives me hope!!! Doesn't she look incredible??

OK, I am off to do my workout! How about you? Have you exercised today?

1 comment:

Noel said...

oh, weightloss. My husband and I went on a diet at the beginning of the year, he's done great, lost about 30 pounds, me, after losing an initial 15 I've been at the same weight now for over a month. Exercising and maintaining, but not losing more.... oh well

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