Thursday, May 14, 2009

Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Alan and I have been married 26 years today! That is quite an accomplishment in this day and age of "easy-come-easy-go marriages."

No, it hasn't always been easy, but I have such a great husband, that it hasn't been terribly hard either. However, marriage does require give and take, compromise and commitment. Few young couples enter into marriage with any idea of what they are getting into!

One of the "secrets" to our success is that we have always looked at our marriage as a life-long commitment to each other and to God. We don't see divorce as an option, so if we encounter trials and differences, we know we have to work through them, because we have entered into a "building" without an exit! I think that having that perspective goes a long way in divorce-proofing a marriage.

Having fun together doesn't hurt either! :)

I love the movie Fireproof and think that it has some great ideas for "fireproofing" your marriage. So, in honor of our anniversary, I am excited to host my first Blogger Giveaway, in which I'm going to send the winner a DVD of the movie Fireproof.

To enter, please leave a comment on my blog describing one way that you work to Fireproof your marriage. To enter a second time, blog about the giveaway, and then leave another comment with the link to your blog.

I will do this the old-fashioned way -- I plan to put all names in a "hat" and let one of my children randomly draw a name, and that person will be the winner of the brand new Fireproof DVD! The deadline to enter is Sunday, May17th at midnight Eastern Standard Time. I will announce the winner on my blog on Monday, May 18th.

I thought I would conclude this post with a "stroll down memory lane." These are pictures of Alan and me taken exactly 26 years ago today -- back when we were young, thin, and had hair!!! ;)

Edit: These just arrived! Aren't they pretty?? :)


christy rose said...

I honestly have no idea how I happened on your blog today, but i am most definitely enthralled. 10 kids! I have half that many! I love your title picture. It is so neat! Your wedding pictures are beautiful and so are you.

I will defintely be returning!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Aaahhh! That brings back so many memories! It seems like "yesterday" when I fainted in your wedding!! I think I was a "little thinner" then myself! :) You still look beautiful! I am so thankful to God,and His grace,that we both have strong marriages built on a godly foundation. I love you!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Happy Anniversary!! You are right in this being quite an accomplishment! Isn't God so good. Great pictures! Have a great weekend!


kristilea said...

I agree with you completely. It has to be looked at as a life long commitment! One of the ways I "fireproof" our marriage, is to pray that God would help me to see his side of any argument or dissagreement we may be having. If I show him compassion and understanding for his feelings first, he is more willing to try to understand mine, or just be loving towards me even if he doesn't understand my point of view!

Happy Anniversary!

Amy said...

One of the ways I really try to fireproof our marriage is to keep my mouth shut when I want to say something critical...very difficult!! But I try to keep that filter on, because the vast majority of the time IT JUST DOES NOT NEED TO BE SAID. PERIOD.

Happy anniversary! I love the pics you posted! :)

Jules said...

Happy Anniversary! Your wedding photos are just lovely. Isn't it amazing how we change over the years! I love Steven Curtis Chapman's song "I'll be there" and the line that goes something like "As you grow in beauty" and the implication that as his wife ages instead of becoming less attractive she'll become more attractive to him. I suspect our husbands feel the same.

DH and I have been married 25 years and it hasn't always been easy but like you, divorce has never been an option. So the choice was either not to work at it and be miserable or to work at it (as hard as that 'work' seemed at times) and to be happy. If I've learnt anything from marriage it's this: you can't be happy when you insist on your own way all the time, instead when you put the other first that's when you find true contentment.

Enjoy your special day!

Mama Ant said...


I didn't make it on for the contest, but wanted to say congrats anyway.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness in your marriage!

I love the pictures!

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