Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Family of God

I have thought about my earlier post a lot today. Knowing how much it grieves me when my children squabble and fight, and realizing how much joy it brings me when they serve each other in love, I have been pondering how much it must hurt the heart of God when his children are separated by contentions and divisions and when they fail to live out His love and forgiveness.

As we drove the peaceful 25-minute drive to our little country church this morning, past fattening cows and ripening crops, I pondered the fact that our church is anything but peaceful right now. We are in the midst of a crisis, that has pushed our pastor out of the pulpit, and left us with a body divided by offenses, bitterness, and pride. It hurts to see the family of God separated by strife, and lining up according to family loyalties. I've heard folks say a dozen times that "blood is thicker than water," to explain why things are happening the way they are. But, what struck me today is the realization that we are all bought by the precious blood of Jesus. That means every true Christian in the church is our "blood relative," and shouldn't that be a stronger tie than any family blood line??

It reminds me of this song that we used to sing every Sunday at our church back in SC:

"I'm so glad I'm a part
Of the family of God.
I've been washed in the fountain,
Cleansed by His blood.
Joint-heirs with Jesus
As we travel this sod.
For I'm part of the family,
The Family of God."

by William and Gloria Gaither


kristilea said...

You will notice we say brother, and sister round here, it's because we're a family and these folks are so near. When one has a heartache, we all share the tears and rejoice in each victory, In this family so dear!

I love that song. That's the way things should be in a church. I pray that God would have his way and His will be done in your church. I pray He will move in the hearts of his people.

Rebecca's Refining said...

To repeat the words of a very wise woman, "Preach it sister!" :)

christy rose said...

This was really good! I taught a Bible Study on Ephesians. While I was teaching the first 3 chapters, God showed me a huge revelation about our oneness with Him in Christ and our oneness with each other in Christ. It has really trasformed my understanding of God's plan for His body, each one of us equal and united as One with God.

Your post just built upon what God has been showing me.

Martha said...

Yep, I strongly believe the Devil strives to divide Christians more than anything... especially within churches, it has been happening everywhere and I hope we will humble ourselves in order to overcome the divisiveness :) beautiful comparison by the way, I adored reading your previous post about your boys helping each other (too precious!)

Ashlyn said...

I love your last two posts .... but they made me cry!!! Love you. And yes, your words about church are so true ... and hearing that about the boys is a HUGE encouragement!!! Love you.

Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans said...

So, so true! I hope and pray that the crisis from the divisions in your church passes quickly.

Noel said...

I know you're a busy mom of 10 :), but if you could list 10 honest things about yourself and pick up the award I would greatly appreciate it. There's alot I know I could glean from your experience!

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