Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fun and Games in SC

I started off calling this post "Ashlyn's Graduation," but I soon realized I had way too many cute pictures to share before I even got to her graduation, so I decided to rename the post! If you want to read about Ashlyn's graduation, that will be forthcoming!

I left for "the Promised Land" of the Upstate of South Carolina last Wednesday with the five youngest children. Alan and the older ones joined us on Friday evening. We stayed with my parents and enjoyed spending time with them in the land of "beautiful places and smiling faces."

One morning, I looked out the window and discovered a Backyard Football game in progress, and I ran for my camera! I just love these pictures of my Dad playing football with his grandkids!!! You can just see how much fun they were having in his well-maintained football field backyard!

It started off as an all-boy contest, but it wasn't long before fiesty little Bethany had worked herself into the game!

Then she insisted on trying a "one-man" offense!!!

She soon discovered that strategy was not too effective!! :)

A hand-off from Matt proved to be a better play!

Touch Down Bethany!!!!!

Bethany resting a bit and savoring her victory!

While in SC, I was able to meet my BFF, Lori, and her younger children at the park. We had a wonderful time of fellowship together, but unfortunately, I forgot my camera -- so I don't have any blackmail pictures from our fun day together! Lori has a homeschool book business and she gave me a Homeschoolopoly game, which was created by a homeschooling Mom in the Upstate area. The children were eager to try out this new game, and my parents joined in, too. It ended up being a lot of fun, and we enjoyed the unique home school theme! If you are a homeschooling family that enjoys Monopoly-style games, you might want to check into this game! I think Lori has a few of these in her store that she would be willing to part with!

Here are some pictures of our Homeschoolopoly marathon!! :)


Rebecca's Refining said...

Cute pics! Looks like dad was having fun! Glad to hear everyone had a good visit!

book worm said...

Bethany is the cutest little baby!!!! i love that picture of PaPa!!!!

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