Friday, May 29, 2009

Memorial Day Fun

We had our Memorial Day Picnic last Sunday, which was actually the day before Memorial Day. We like to rearrange the calendar like that! ;)

Alan's sister, Janet, and her husband, Ralph, and their sons arrived at our house that afternoon on their way back north after a week long Caribbean cruise. After being on the world's largest cruise ship for a week, I'm sure it was a let down to be at our humble abode!!

Then, some friends of Ashlyn's came down from Atlanta to visit us, so we ended up having quite a crowd at our house!!! We really could have used the world's largest cruise ship to bunk everyone down for the night! :) Fortunately, boys seem to be able to sleep just about anywhere, and since we had thirteen boys at our house (including six of our own), there seemed to be boys sleeping everywhere! :)

The afternoon was stormy, which was a repeat of the previous ten days, but, the storms broke just in time for the boys to burn off some testosterone in the pool, while Alan grilled the "burgs" and "dogs." Then, everyone grabbed a plate and found a spot to eat. Fortunately, we were able to spill over onto the back porch, so there was plenty of room for everyone. After dinner, the kids used the last moments of daylight for a pretty competitive backyard volleyball game. Then, we enjoyed some ice cream sandwich "cake" and a rousing game of Catchphrase. I tried to capture some highlights of our fun, which you can see below.

The next day, we squeezed in some swimming and kayaking in between storms, and enjoyed a delicious meal of homemade pizza, which was a little unconventional for Memorial Day, but a big hit, nonetheless. By early afternoon, all of our guests were on their way back to their homes, and we spent a quiet evening together.

I admit to being so busy with our company and our celebration, that I forgot to take time to think about the reason why we celebrate Memorial Day until it was all over. I know many have made the ultimate sacrifice, and because of that, we have the freedom to spend Memorial Day, and every other day, any way we like, and with hardly a thought to our safety and freedom. It is just so easy to take that for granted. I think my sister did an amazing job of exploring the significance of Memorial Day, so please take the time to check out her blog!


kristilea said...

Wow! What a housefull! I can imagine you were EXTREMELY busy. What a great way to spend the weekend though. I'm so glad that you were blessed with such good company. I bet you had to run to the store when they all left to get more food for your boys! Thanks for sharing.

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. I wouldn't have recognized Janet!

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