Saturday, May 16, 2009

Milestones Celebrated

Friday night was a milestone moment for our family. We now have our first high school graduate from a school other than our homeschool.

The graduation service was really neat. There were stirring speeches by the co-Valedictorians and an inspiring presentation by the headmaster, warning the graduates of the dangers of Comparison, Competition, and Ladder Climbing. Instead of trying to out climb others in life, he encouraged these young adults to follow Jesus' example of descending the ladder, by humbling themselves and being willing to serve others. He also challenged the graduates to surrender their lives to Christ, while also encouraging the parents to take the difficult step of surrendering their graduates to God.

Then came the presentation of the diplomas. As each graduate's name was announced, a video of that student was played, where he or she thanked family members, friends, teachers and administrators for his or her education, memories and special times. Some of these videos were serious, while some were hilarious! It was a neat way to personalize the graduation ceremony.

Here are some pictures from the reception. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of our son before he had taken off his graduation gown and turned it in, which was a disappointment. We also didn't get any pictures of him with my parents, as they left as soon as they were able to navigate my mom's wheelchair through the thick crowd.

"What? You got your diploma??"

Saturday morning, Luke had his first play-off game. His team fell behind 8-2, and it looked hopeless, but they actually came back to win it 10-9! During the last inning, Luke hit a double, stole to third, and then ran home to score the winning run! That was a pretty exciting moment!


kristilea said...

Congradulations! What great pictures of the graduate. I'm looking forward to, but also dreading the day my children graduate high school.

christy rose said...

What an eventful weekend! I do not have a high school graduate yet. Three more years till then. But my son graduated from 8th grade last year in the top 5 of his class and gave a speech at the ceremony. It was a wonderful proud moment. And, he is a baseball player too. I love to go and watch him play. The thrill of seeing them do well and succeed but also learn to handle defeat graciously is a lifelong learning tool.

Congratulations on your son's graduation!

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