Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Is losing good or bad?

Well, when it comes to weight loss, and if you have a surplus, like I do, losing is a good thing! So, it is good news that I lost 2 pounds this past week!

However, for my son, Luke, losing is bad news. His baseball team lost his play off game last night, 8-7. It was a big disappointment for him and his team.
How about you? How did you do this week?


Noel said...

every week seems to bring some wins and some losses... I lost in your give away, but a friend won. Congradulations :)

as far as weight is concerned - I'm holding.....

Martha said...

Hey, it was a close game though!!

Congrats on losing weight, I merely maintained my weight. Oy!

Taylor said...

hang in there! it will pay off eventually! I've gained about 20+ pounds and am looking to join you in trying to lose! haven't had a look here in a long time, but had a moment and took a peek! ttyl


Kathy - mom of many said...

Hey, congratulations on the 2 lbs. in the right direction!

I'm sorry I've been absent. Haven't spent time reading blogs, just occasionally updating mine. I missed your giveaway. I stopped by too late.

We're in Nashville now and hope to have a good week. You have a good week too!
Love, Kathy

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

You have a great blog.
I enjoyed reading it today.

Be sure and stop by my blog and sign up for the "10 Giveaways" that I will draw for on Wednesday.

Also, please pray for sweet Maggie as she returns to St Jude's this week. Would love for you to grab her button for your blog...

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