Friday, June 26, 2009

Cousin's Camp

Several years ago I read a wonderful article about hosting a Cousin's Camp, with ideas for activities to spark the imagination, feed the spirit, and encourage fun and bonding between the cousins. So, I'm looking at this time with my neices and nephews here as a "mini cousin's camp."

The cousins are enjoying lots of fun activities together, with a minimum of squabbles! I hope to capture the highlights here.

These pictures are from Wendy's, where we stopped on our way down on Wednesday. The kids were all great! I was the one who knocked over a whole cup of Dr. Pepper!!! :o

Here are some pictures capturing the "Cousins at Play." They enjoyed playing army men, Webkinz, Wii games, X-box (Oops! I hope Taylor doesn't read this!), and games of Clue and In a Pickle.

I call these next pictures "Cousins at Work" -- or you could call them Forced Labor! :) The fellas picked the green beans and the girls snapped them! I cleaned and cooked them, and WE ALL ATE them! :)

Lest you feel too sorry for the boys, I did let them cool off in the pool afterwards! Water time is always a favorite at any camp, and you will see from these pictures of "Cool Cousins Cooling Off" that this was a highlight. My favorite pictures are from the Diving Board Competitions!

Boys always like to show off their muscles for the girls, so I call this picture "Curls for the Girls!" (Too bad his "bar bell" didn't weigh anything!!)

These are pictures of "Cute Cousins!"

This is just a random picture I threw in of "the Babe's" flip flop!

I call this picture "Cousins with Good Taste." Isn't it funny that they all chose the same bathing suit??

Speaking of good taste, what would a Cousin's Camp be without ice cream???? So, here we have my collection of "Cousins and Cream!"

My final picture is called "A Cousin's Treasures." Ben preferred catching lizards and frogs to anything else! At this writing, I think he has six, but that number is continually evolving as some escape, and new ones are captured (or recaptured!). Here is one of his treasures, which he hopes will make it back to Ohio to become either: a) a new pet, or b) food for his pet snakes! :)

It was a treasure having my nieces and nephew here for these couple of days!! Thanks Becca for sharing them!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

It looks like everyone is having a great time together! I loved the pictures, especially of the boys in their matching swim suits! I am so glad you were willing to take them all in and they could enjoy some "cousins fellowship". I can't wait to see the wonderful "treasures" that make it back! Hopefully they will all least in the short term. Remember when I used to collect "treasures" too?? :) Thanks for your gracious hospitality!

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