Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Matter of Perspective

I found myself telling a friend this morning that the house was so quiet because there was no one here! (Taylor, Josh and Joe are still at camp; Alan and Hannah are in SC returning the cousins and picking up the boys; and Tiffany is in Knoxville visiting a friend from college.)

Then it dawned on me -- I still have four children at home -- a 13 year old boy, a 10 year old boy, a 6 year old boy, and a 4 year old girl!! That is actually twice as many children as the average American mom has, and probably enough to drive her crazy! Yet, to me, it is a very light load indeed!

And speaking of loads, the laundry isn't bad with such a small family either!! :)


Noel said...

speaking of laundry, I just saw your question. I don't have a front loading washer, so I'm not sure how it would work. I know this detergent does not suds up, so I wouldn't think it would do that in your front loader either. There are alot of people these days making their own laundry detergent. The Duggars from 18 kids and counting do this and they do have front loading washing machines. You may want to check out their website and send them a question. Good luck - this sure has saved me a ton of money :)

Jules said...

I miss the kids too when they're away but I enjoy having less laundry and the cooking is suddenly a breeze! I'm not looking forward to next year when my household will go from 3 kids to1. It doesn't seem that long since there were 5 of them running around and causing me at times to want to pull my hair out!

~Rhen @yestheyareallmine said...

LOL- I have been in the same situation before. Only 3 or 4 kids around and it seems like the house is almost empty. :)

I can answer the laundry question. I have been making my own for well over 2 years and I have a front load washer. I put the detergent in with the clothes and it doesn't suds up on me at all. It does, however, clean the clothes really well!

Rebecca's Refining said...

I know I have half the children you do, yet I have noticed that even with only one child gone, the house is somehow "different" and more quiet.....and believe it or not, it really doesn't matter which one is missing!

On a side note, if you get "bored" with all this extra free quiet time...just chat with, or email, your sister more often!! :)

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