Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ten Things

Hi! Remember me?? To be honest, it feels like I need to re-introduce myself, as it has been so long since I've updated my blog!

I've been very busy catching up on a number of things around the house, things that get pushed to the back burner every school year, and then require my attention during the summer months. Plus, we had 12 guests for a cookout, so that took some preparation, and then, I had to "get all my ducks in a row" so I could go out of town with my hubby.

I am now at the beach, enjoying some wonderfully unstructured days while my husband dutifully attends classes.

Before I left town, Noel from Bloom Where You are Planted presented me with the Honest Scrap Award, which requires that I list ten honest things about myself. This seems like a good time to collect my award and "bare my soul." So, here are my ten things:

1. I am very fair-skinned and can't spend the entire day down at the beach or I get sunburned, or even worse, a case of sun poisoning.

2. I miss my children when I'm away from them, even though I do enjoy the break!

3. I didn't like kids much when I was a girl, and never dreamed I would one day be the mother of TEN children!

4. My husband is a foot and a half taller than me!!

5. I remember when gasoline was 21 cents a gallon!

6. I know this is un-American, but I don't like Coca Cola!

7. I do love Sweet Tea -- but am trying to train myself to drink unsweetened tea. (It just isn't the same!)

8. I don't like flying!

9. I actually like to cook.

10. I still have a stack of ungraded tests from this school year that must be attended to when I get home!

OK, those are my ten honest things. Now it is your turn!

Rebecca's Refining

I look forward to reading ten honest things from each of you!

1 comment:

Noel said...

I noticed from a picture on your blog that your husband is quite a bit taller than you, but a foot and a half!! Wow, I look my husband in the eye, until I take my heels off :D

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