Saturday, June 20, 2009

When a Pool is not Cool

When you think of the deep south this time of year, do you think Hot, Humid, Sultry days? If so, you are right on target!!

The mercury soared to 100 degrees yesterday, and is forecast to reach 102 today! After running a few necessary errands yesterday afternoon, I was dripping wet, wilted, and weary. So, I thought the children and I could just jump in our pool and cool off! Sounds refreshing, right?

However, when we stepped into the water, it felt more like a hot tub than a swimming pool! A quick check of the pool thermometer revealed that the water was 94 degrees!!!! Ugh! Not even refreshing!

So, the children got the garden hose out and began to add some cooler water to the pool. One child even emptied the contents of the ice maker into the pool, in hopes of cooling it down some! I don't know that we altered the water temperature overall, but we did make a few pockets of cooler water, which were the favored spots to splash and play.

I swam my laps in the hot water and got out to serve supper, feeling cheated somehow. So much for a refreshing swim!!


Rebecca's Refining said...

That sounds like the perfect pool temperature to me!! I don't like swimming in cool water......since you like it so much you should swim in Ohio is difficult to get them over 80 (unless you have a pool cover that helps keep the water warm)

Noel said...

ow! 94 degrees!! I didn't know a pool could get that warm, but hey it beats a sprinkler or just plain garden hose, that's what we've got this year :)

kristilea said...

It was misserably hot yesterday. My husband spent yesterday and is spending today, in the attic of our church, installing new heating and air. It will be great to have cool Sunday services, but he's not having too great a time right now.

That would be awfully shocking to jump into an almost hot tub! That's Georgia for ya!

Mrs. White said...

oh, it must be wonderful to swim in the summer-time! We live in the middle of nowhere - no beaches in sight and don't have a pool. I used to live on the coast, south of Boston and miss the swimming.
Mrs. White in Vermont

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