Monday, July 20, 2009

The Committee Strikes Again!

What fun to discover these boxes on the steps of our garage, full of fresh Georgia peaches, vine-ripe tomatoes, summer squash, and Vidalia onions!

We put our Super Sleuth skills to work and soon determined that this looked like the work of "The Committee." Notorious for delivering boxes of delicious food to our garage, and then speeding away before they can be caught, this group of three women is known for their clandestine acts of kindness and encouragement.

Since the discovery of the boxes, we have enjoyed delicious slices of red, ripe tomatoes, steamed and buttered squash and onions, bites of juicy peaches, tasty tomato sandwiches, and a melt-in-your-mouth peach cobbler. YUM!

A huge thank you to "The Committee!!"

1 comment:

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a blessing....we serve a great God! It is neat to be a part of both the giving and the receiving! I love how God uses these little things to encourage our hearts.

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