Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cow Day '09

We've been salivating in anticipation, and finally, the day we've been waiting for arrived -- Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A!

Our family has been enjoying this day of Free Food and Family Fun for the last four years! Of course, I have a bunch of fun pictures to share!! However, I can't seem to move my pictures around as I usually do. I don't know what's wrong -- is it an issue with my laptop? Or an issue with Blogger??? I really don't know! Anyway, you will just have to view the pics in the order I uploaded them.

I'm having fun coming up with creative captions for my pictures! :)

I call this picture "Cow Crossing!"

This is Joe and his friend, Abby. Abby lives in our neighborhood and goes to school with the boys. Abby's sister was not courageous enough to go out in public dressed as a cow, so I commend Abby for her Courage! :) Thus, this picture is dubbed, "Courageous Cows!"

This one is "A Cow Chewing its Cud!"

And this is "A Cute, Cuddly Cow!"

Here we have "A Crazy Cow!"

This is our little friend, Jase, and I call this picture "Don't be a Coward! Eat Mor Chikin!"

Hannah says, "Georgia Girls Luv Chikin!"

"Freeze the cows! Eat Ice Cream!"

"Cows are Cool!"

How about -- "Cool Cows cook Chikin!" (since my son works at Chick-Fil-A!)

I'm running out of ideas here! Can you tell???? :) I'm calling these last two pictures "Bovine Beauties with cute cow noses!"

OK - that's it for Cow Day '09! I hope you enjoyed my crazy cow pics and corny cow captions!


Kathy - mom of many said...

Looks like you had fun. Only 364 more days until we get to do it again!

Whiddon Family said...

Hello Ours Family!

Looks like ya'll had a grand time at this year's Cow Appreciation Day! We went at dinner time, with a herd of 15. ;) Momma, Daddy, Brooke, and Ben are out of town for the weekend, but we rounded up our herd and went anyway, along with some friends. The children had been counting down the MONTHS, so we couldn't miss it!

Have a great weekend. God Bless!
for the Whiddon Clan

Monica said...

Certainly looks like ya'll had as much fun as we did. It was our first year attending, but we intend to make it a family tradition. We love cows and chicken:)
I love your captions, we also made many jokes and Jacob (16yo) made up a cute song that I need to listen to again and write down so we don't forget it!:)
AND I love your blog and your blog name is perfect. Don't you love seeing people's lips move as they count when you enter the room?!

Dear Abbi said...

Great pics! Cute herd you have there!

Julie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment :-)
I love all your Cow pics! I'd love to get a large group to go next time.

We live in the Greenville Area of SC (Travelers Rest to be exact). Our pics were taken at the Cherrydale Chick Fil A. If you are familiar with the Greenville Area you might remember Stone Manufacturing on the corner of Plesantburg and Ponsiett Hwy. They tore down the plant and built a shopping area.

We don't own in ice cream place but an ice company. You know when you go to a store to buy bags of ice? That's what we do. We bag the ice and deliver it to locations all over Greenville, Anderson and Spartanburg

I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog! I hope you come back for a visit soon :-)

Noel said...

how cute! I've had the same trouble with blogger pictures, I have to move one picture at a time to where it goes. Takes forever long....

Rebecca's Refining said...

Y'all look really cute...I love the pictures. The things we are willing to do for free food!!

MOMSWEB said...

You're a GREAT mom. It shows on your children's faces.

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