Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Divine Appointment

I've missed the Girls today. Tiffany took Hannah and Bethany to SC to visit Ashlyn for the weekend. I know they are having a blast together -- but I miss them. Especially when it came time to clean house today! (wink!) Tiffany and Hannah and I generally divide up the downstairs, while the guys take a stab at the upstairs, which is the boys' domain.

To reward my diligence, and to keep the sparkling clean, freshly mopped kitchen clean for more than a passing moment in time, and because most of the family was gone (either out of town or at work), my sweet husband said he would take us out to dinner tonight. So, he and I and three of the boys were headed out to eat when we arrived at an intersection that was congested with two wrecked vehicles and two police cars. Suddenly, we realized that we knew one of the people involved in the accident. If you remember Abby, the "courageous cow" from yesterday's post, it was her mother, who is also one of our neighbors. So, we immediately stopped to see if we could offer her some comfort or assistance.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Our friend had just called her daughter, and her husband was on his way to her aid, so while she was talking to the policemen, I glanced over and noticed the occupants of the other car standing off to one side -- a young man and a young woman, who both looked scared to death. So, I decided to go over and check on them. I discovered that they were a brother and sister on their way to pick up some pizza. She had just finished her junior year at the county high school and he was a college student from North Carolina. They were in a predicament, because their parents were both out of town -- and their father was overseas on business!!! They couldn't reach their father, whom they were very fearful of telling, and when they called their mother and told her they had just been in a wreck, she said, "Are you sure?!" (I guess she was in shock and denial!!!) Only residents of our town for a year, they didn't seem to have many connections. In fact, they were going to ask the policeman to give them a ride home. When I asked where they lived, I was surprised to learn that they live in our neighborhood, just one street away! So, after checking with my husband, I offered them a ride home, and they gratefully accepted.

So, we waited around for the policeman to complete his report and for the tow-trucks to arrive and haul off both vehicles, before we finally headed back towards our neighborhood to take them home. (It was fortunate we didn't have more kids with us!) On the drive home, we learned that they had only lived in the area for a year, and were in the process of moving back to NC. Apparently, they did not have any friends here, and had not been made to feel very welcome. My heart ached for them in their loneliness.

However, my heart also rejoiced in the way God orchestrates things! We were headed out to a nice, relaxing dinner together when we noticed our friend in distress, and naturally wanted to interrupt our plans to stop and help her. However, I believe the Lord prompted us to stop, not so we could assist our friend, but so we could help these two young people, who were obviously scared and stressed after being involved in an accident, plus they were stranded with their mother several hundred miles away and their father unreachable in a foreign country! My heart really went out to them, as I imagined some of my own older kids finding themselves in a similar situation, and I was so grateful for an opportunity to help them out, and show them the love and compassion of Christ!

This reminds me of the verse, "A man's heart deviseth his way; but the Lord directeth his steps." -- Proverbs 16:9. We make our plans, but God in His providence intervenes and directs our steps. I believe he orchestrated the timing of events so that we were at that intersection at just the right time, because we had a divine appointment!

I'm already thinking ahead to how we might be able to minister to these young people in the days ahead, before they move back to North Carolina. If you feel led, please pray that we might be an encouragement to them, and that we might be able to plant some spiritual seeds in their lives.

Well, back to our evening -- with the unexpected delay, it was rather late before we were seated comfortably together at Logan's Roadhouse, awaiting our food. However, Alan had to leave to take some food to his Mom, and then just as he sat down again, Joseph called to tell us he was getting off work early and needed picked up. So, poor Alan took a swig of his Diet Coke, grabbed a hot yeast roll, and got back in the car to pick up Joe! I found our waitress and added another entree to our order, and finally, Alan and Joseph joined us, and we all ate our dinner. It was definitely not the evening we had planned!!! But, one lesson we have learned with having a large family is to Always Expect the Unexpected!!

Matt thought it was pretty neat to crack open the peanuts, pop one in his mouth,
and then be allowed to throw the shells on the floor!
He asked me a couple times if that was OK --
just to make sure he had understood me correctly!


kristilea said...

WOW!!! Isn't it just amazing the way God works things out. I am so glad you followed his leading and helped these young people. I do pray that He will let you know anything more that you may do for them before they go. I pray that you can plant a seed that he can water and grow!

Julie said...

Sounds like ya'll had a very eventful evening. I'm so glad God placed you at the accident so you could see about your young neighbors. I will remember them in my prayers.

I added a "follow" button on my blog if you still want to follow me :-)

May you have a blessed evening.

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a neat story! It is so neat when we follow God's prompting....He always has a blessing for us when we act on his leading. I think it is also neat that just as you had someone minister to your family at your accident, you were able to minister to this family! I hope you will be able to be an encouragement to them in the days ironic they live in your neighborhood! This is a good reminder that there are no interruptions in our day....only Divine appointments!

Lainie said...

Amen to the "expect the unexpected!"

Martha said...

Oh my, this is another example of how God uses trials to bring people closer to Him. You are being used by God and that's the greatest compliment that you can ever receive!!!! <3

You are a darling :) and I am blessed to have you as a friend!

Psst, I went to Logan's roadhouse last year and I just couldn't bring myself to throw it on the ground. I gathered the shells neatly on my plate when I was done, I guess it's the "mommy" in me LOL

busymomof10 said...

I couldn't stand to throw my shells on the floor either!! I made a little pile on the table, but then they were in the way when the waitress tried to put all the food out, so my son swiped them out of her way and onto the floor . . . :)

MOMSWEB said...

I'm always blessed by visiting your blog. After reading this post, I realized I have a divine appointment to mop my kitchen floor. Thanks for mentioning mopping...not really (wink).

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