Saturday, July 25, 2009

How to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half!

I bet that title caught your attention! It sure caught mine -- which is why I attended a two-hour Couponing 101 class on Friday night and went back for Couponing 102 on Saturday morning. The workshops were taught by Kelly and Kasey from Time2Save.

These ladies are amazing! I could not believe the success they have had with couponing! I'm not ambitious enough to believe that I can really cut my grocery bills in half, with all the hungry mouths I have to feed, but what if I could cut it by 25%?? For me, that would be a huge savings! I'm excited about the possibilities!

You may wonder what these ladies talked about for four hours, but I can assure you that these sessions were packed full of helpful information and were also entertaining and inspiring. I learned tons of things I never knew about couponing, including where to find coupons (some of the places would surprise you!), how to organize them so I actually use them before they expire, how to combine coupons with sales and other discounts to maximize their savings potential, and how to really stretch my food dollar by mastering the art of stockpiling an item when it is available at a rock bottom price.

Now comes the hard work of figuring out how to apply my new-found knowledge to my own situation. My first project is to create my coupon binder, using the pack of baseball card sleeves I bought from Kelly and Kasey. Then, the treasure hunt for coupons begins! The next step is to plan my menus and grocery lists around the advertised sales, and then try to match up coupons to the sale items wherever possible, choosing one or more items per week to "stockpile."

I am excited, and a little overwhelmed, as I begin this journey. I will definitely keep you posted of my progress in the weeks ahead . . . .

Here is a picture of my friend, Jennifer, talking to Kelly. Kelly had such a sweet spirit and encouraged us to look for ways to give to others from our savings and to always be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us. Kasey was creative and fun and very passionate about couponing! These ladies make a great team! Check out their website for helpful information about saving money at the grocery store or for information about scheduling a workshop in your area!

Jennifer's Mom tried several times to get a picture of us, but I just woudn't cooperate! The flash on my camera is so bright that I blink every time I see it! Jennifer looks great, so I am going to post this picture even though my eyes are closed and I look a bit dopey!

It was a lot of fun seeing Jennifer and we were both "wowed" by all that we learned! Hopefully, we can keep our enthusiasm in the days ahead as we attempt to slash our grocery expenditures through couponing.


Rebecca's Refining said...

My completed version to your title would be ..."by cutting what we eat in half!" But, since that is most unlikely, I guess that really isn't an option. The couponing seems like a good idea, but I never have coupons to use! I will have to look on your links to get some good ideas. I have heard great success stories.....but have never put forth the effort to try it. Maybe we could encourage each other in this area as we both have many mouths to feed

Julie said...

I LOVE couponing! I save SOOOO much money using coupons. Have you heard of You've GOT to visit the forums there. Those wonderful ladies list all the stores (and I mean ALL THE STORES) and match up coupons to the ad's. FOR FREE!!!! Yes, I said FREE! There are also a TON of great links on my blog that give super tips and info.

BTW,,,you can buy the ball card sleeves at Walmart ;-)

I look forward to hearing about your upcoming savings!

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