Sunday, July 19, 2009

Two Dozen for Tiffany!

Candles, that is!

Saturday was Tiffany's 24th birthday!!

Tiffany and I started the day by sneaking out to breakfast. Our destination was the Corner Cafe, where we chose a table outside to enjoy the unseasonably cool morning. We both savored a breakfast of eggs, grits, and freshly baked 8-grain bagels and coffee.

One unusual patron caught our eye. Her name was "Latte."

One thing I love about Tiffany is that she is so fun-loving. In fact, she is still a big kid at heart!

After breakfast, we did one of Tiffany's favorite things -- shopping!! :) After checking out the sales at Kohl's, we ran a few other errands, including stopping by the Dollar Tree for a balloon. (One never gets too old for a birthday balloon!) :)

Once at home, I started making Chicken Rocco for Tiffany's special birthday dinner. This involved flattening chicken breasts, placing a chunk of sharp cheddar cheese on top, rolling them up, securing with toothpicks and then browning in olive oil. Then, I placed the chicken rolls on top of a special rice mixture and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Unfortunately, when I served the dish later that evening, I discovered that I didn't bake long enough, as some of the chicken was still raw and pink inside! Yikes! Fortunately, we were able to focus on our salads, while the chicken baked a bit longer in the oven!!!

After dinner, Tiffany opened her presents, which included following clues to uncover a floor length mirror framed with a picture board. She has enjoyed treasure hunts ever since her 4th birthday, when a treasure hunt culminated with her finding a big girl bike in the shed!

Then, she demonstrated her lung capacity by blowing out all 24 candles with one big breath!

It is hard to believe that 24 years have passed since I gave birth to a precious little girl, weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz, and measuring 21 inches long. She made her debut at 4:33 am on July 18th! (Those stats are indelibly stamped on my mind!) Up until that time, I had no idea what joy being a mother could bring, or how much love you can feel for a little helpless baby! Becoming a mother was certainly a life-changing event for me! And I have been blessed beyond measure to experience that miraculous event nine more times!

Here is a picture taken when Tiffany was just ten days old and her mommy was a mere 22 years old! (I really can't believe how young I look!)

Here is Tiffany on her first birthday, wearing a dress my Dad picked out for her.

Here she is at 4 years old. Already a budding fashionista . . .

Skip a few years . . . . here is Tiffany and Bethany in May of 2008 at Tiffany's graduation from Converse College. An intelligent and hard-working student, she graduated Magna cum Laude with a double major in Spanish and Music.

She accepts a hug from "Little Joe."

Tiffany is also very talented. Originally a Piano Performance major, who was blessed to attend college on a music and academic scholarship, this picture was taken after Tiffany presented her Senior Piano Recital, which was also in May of 2008.

Tiffany is a very capable, compassionate, creative, and caring young woman -- and I am proud that she is my daughter! Happy Birthday Tiffany!


Rebecca's Refining said...

Wow! I can't believe Tiffany is getting so old....that makes me feel old! I remember playing with her when she was "a little one"! Happy Birthday Tiffany! Her beauty is not just outward, but more importantly she has a desire to grow in godliness. With the exception of a love for dogs, she reminds me of you! :)

Vivianna said...

Dear Elizabeth,

You have been so blessed with a beautiful family. What a lovely daughter Tiffany is. The Lord has bestowed on her so many blessings. May He continue to guide her steps and may His hand be the sustainer and giver of blessings for your family.

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