Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Article

oh. my. word.

That was all I could say when I saw the newspaper this morning and discovered that our article was on the front page!!!

We thought it was going to be safely tucked away in the Lifestyles section!!! Not on the Front Page of our city's newspaper. What a shocker!

I felt like I was in an elevator that lurched and dropped ten floors in half as many seconds.

However, after reading the article, most of my fears where calmed. The reporter did a fantastic job with the article, and presented our family in a very positive light. He also included some pictures taken by the staff photographer, plus some pictures that were taken a couple years ago by a creative local photographer, Tammi Nowack.

(By the way, when the reporter came back out to interview Alan and the boys on Saturday, I remembered to snap his picture! So, here it is!)

However, I still feel a little . . . vulnerable, I guess. We shared transparently about our family and our convictions about children and our beliefs about education. Certainly, not everyone who reads the article will agree with our convictions or our choices. But that is OK. We only have to please One.

However, I would ask you to pray for us, if you feel led to do so. My husband wisely reminded me that Satan hates children. He hates families. He hates those who have a good testimony or a good name in the community. He wants to destroy families and godly men and women and capture the hearts and minds of our children. It seems that each day brings a new story of one who has fallen. Please pray that we would be on guard in the days ahead. "Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall." -- 1 Corinthians 10:12.


Christie said...

Wow! What a testimony... I'll definitely be keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers!

Vivianna said...

Excellent article. Your family was portrayed very positively. What a great testimony! I will be praying for the protection of your family. May the Lord keep guiding you in His wisdom and path.

What an encouragement to other homeschooling families. Thank you for sharing.


kristilea said...

Wow, how exciting. I pray that only good things will come of it and no bad. I hope you all can be a blessing and testimony to those who read it!

Noel said...

That was a very nice article! Families like yours encourage families like mine :) Thank You!

Neide Colson said...

WOW IS RIGHT! What a blessing to have this article written and posted "front page" in this day and age of secularism and humanism. May God continue to bless and protect your family!

busymomof10 said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments! :)

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