Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Of Pigskin and The Swine Flu

One of the Fun things about Fall is Football!

There is definitely something exciting about those Friday night lights!

We will be sitting in the stands a lot this year, since Taylor is playing football for the LaGrange Panthers and Joseph is playing for the Sherwood Eagles! As a freshman, Taylor may not actually see much playing time this year, but who knows? He is a pretty massive offensive tackle! :) Joe is a sophomore, and should see a good bit of playing time as tight end/defensive end. He actually started and played a lot at the Scrimmage Game last Friday night, so we are hopeful of seeing #80 on the field quite a bit.

Alan and I were really looking forward to going to Sherwood's first game of the season this Friday night, even though we weren't looking forward to the 3-hour drive to Alabama! However, we just learned that the game has been cancelled! Apparently, half of the other team has come down with the Swine Flu!!!! Can you believe it?!

This situation actually raises quite a few questions and concerns. I've always felt the uproar over the Swine Flu was media-generated, perhaps to set the stage for Obama's push for his national health care system. If enough fear could be created, many Americans would want the government to come to the rescue and take care of them. I don't think the Swine Flu is nearly as serious as Americans were led to believe -- however, it does seem to be quite contagious and also dangerous for certain individuals who are high risk. I'm a bit concerned that one of my sons who are in school settings might contract the flu, bring it home and share it with the rest of the family, which might result in my MIL getting the flu. Due to her age and respiratory problems, she would definitely be in the high risk category. So, what precautions should I take? Any suggestions?? I'd really like to hear some feedback on this from others who want to protect the health of their families, but perhaps not in the "politically correct" ways! ;)


Rebecca's Refining said...

Wow! I was at the dr. office yesterday, and he said they are predicting a huge outbreak this fall (300,000 cases expected in Ohio alone). We received a notice yesterday from NBBC, and any student exhibiting signs of the flu will either be sent home or placed in isolation for 8 days (or until fever free for 24 hours)....what a quick way to get behind in classes! Let's pray for God's protection in these matters!

Amy Ellen said...

I am actually working on pulling together my thoughts on H1N1, immune systems, and what mothers can do. I was thinking I would get that out tomorrow, maybe Thursday. I have so many thoughts... and I need to put them in a clear order.

"Talk" again soon! ae from Health Begins With Mom

Neide Colson said...

Here in Brazil, S.A., the swine flu is a big concern also. All the schools have taught their teachers and staff to know how to deal with it. What I`ve learned so far is to do what I actually have been doing for the past 8 years or so: take Vitamin C suplements, besides drinking a lot of juice and eat cytric fruits to build your immune system. Washing the hands often also helps. Other than that, just pray that the Lord will "sprinkle his blood over our doorposts" so that the "angel of death will pass over our homes". We definetely are living the "end times" and I believe we need to do our part and the Lord will do His.

Vivianna said...

I've heard that washing your hands is very important, covering coughs and sneezes with other things than your hands is good also; drinking good quality water with the juice of an organic lemon is good for the immune system; water with celtic sea salt helps reduce a fever instead of using meds.

Our lives are in His hands; He is the sovereign Lord; may the peace of God that surpasses all understanding guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Jules said...

In my part of the world the panic has died down somewhat, partly due to the fact that the first outbreak has slowed down. There is prediction of a second wave but really no one knows for sure. Being a teacher, we've had regular updates from our local health department and what we keep hearing is hygiene, hygiene, hygiene (I also have a son that works at the local hospital and is exposed to all types of nasties and he's being told the same thing). So cover when you cough or sneeze, dispose of tissues immediately, and wash your hands regularly. We've been told to use the alcoholic handwashes that we can buy in small pump bottles and to use them regularly - whenever we've used a tissue or the bathroom, before eating, after handling a shopping cart, etc.

There are some people more at risk and these include pregnant women, those with asthma or other respiratory illnesses, the very young, and those with compromised immune systems.

As a matter of interest, we've also been told that 80% of people who get the disease in our country won't even know they've had it! For most it's fairly mild. But whether the symptoms are mild or not, the person with it should remain at home for a week and avoid contact with other people.

I've been exposed to it but have not had any symptoms. A colleague I work closely with was quarantined with it. Others in my household have also been in contact with it and not shown any symptoms.

I do think we have to be careful but we also have to be sensible. And also to trust God. After all, He really is in control and we shouldn't forget that.

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil!!!!! Oh, and refusing to believe the hype that the media has stirred up. The USA Today had a big alaming article on the front page with tons of hype. Probably so we all would run out and get the nasty for you vaccine! Then a couple of days later well into the first section a very small article putting it into perspective stating that no more people are expected to die from this than the normal flu and so on.

anyway, Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil!

busymomof10 said...

Michelle, I have heard of the benefits of Vitamin D, but what does Cod Liver Oil do???

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

Elizabeth, my puny mind is horrible at retaining all the info that I have read. I research it and then when I believe it it just becomes a part of me and I don't do that well at explaining it.;-)

Cod liver oil (clo) is an amazing food. It builds up our immunity and does countless other things! We started taking this last year and while we are normally healthy, we were almost never sick last year. I have seen improvements in many areas of my health including PMS, hormone issues ect.

Here are two links that give the why its so good and what kind to buy. sorry I am not very good at giving the facts.




Hope that helps, it does matter on what kind you get, so research it Ladies!

busymomof10 said...

" my puny mind is horrible at retaining all the info that I have read. I research it and then when I believe it it just becomes a part of me and I don't do that well at explaining it.;-)"

LOL, Michelle! That just describes me to a T!!!! :)

Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us!

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