Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Rocker

Recently, when reading my friend, Karen's, wonderfully unique blog, I read this post . Karen encouraged her readers to share a story of how God had provided a treasure that they had been wanting or searching for. Immediately, I thought of the rocker. Now, this is really Tiffany's story, not mine, but since she's too busy to blog about it right now, I'm going to share it!

Tiffany had a vision for a cozy little reading corner in her fifth grade classroom, where she could make reading more comfortable and inviting for her students. (She's feeling a little stifled with the mundane, rote, ABeka curriculum that her school uses, and is looking for little ways to make learning more fun and exciting and memorable for her students!) So, she really wanted a rocking chair for her classroom. When I told her how much one would likely cost, she was discouraged. So, I urged her to check out the Classifieds and see if she could find a used one.

Tiffany reluctantly scanned the classified section, not really believing that she would find anything. You have to understand that we live in a small area, and the classified section in the newspaper is very small, especially during the week. Suddenly, she spotted the lone ad for a rocker for $75! She was excited, but still reluctant to call, thinking it would likely be on the other side of town, or in a bad section of town. However, she made the call and discovered that the rocker was in a home just a couple miles from our house! We did not have to worry about getting directions to an unfamiliar place or going into a part of town that made us uneasy!

I drove her over in the van, and we easily found the house, where a young mother with two boys attached to her legs showed us a lovely, wooden rocker that looked brand new! She had used it to rock her sweet, little baby boy, and it was only two years old! Why she no longer wanted it was beyond me, but it was exactly what Tiffany had in mind! Not only that, but she gladly sold it to Tiffany for only $50! What a blessing!

Tiffany told me that she had prayed that morning that God would provide a rocker for her, and I believe He did! He provided a beautiful rocker, in her price range, close to home! Here is a picture of her "new" rocker and the cozy reading corner she created. She has six carpet squares arranged in a semi-circle around her rocker for her students to sit on during reading time!


pinkcamojeep said...

Yay!! How wonderful, Elizabeth.
I'm ALWAYS so amazed at how God provides me with every little thing that I need and many of the things that I also want. He's so very good to us.
Thanks for sharing your (Tiffany's) story : )


Vivianna said...

Great story... what a blessing.

Rebecca's Refining said...

That is a neat story. I love to see how graciously God responds to our leaps, and even lapses, in faith! Sometimes just a "little thing" can make all the difference in our lives.

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