Saturday, August 22, 2009

We survived the First Week!

Whew! Finally a moment to sit down and catch my breath!! It has been a long, exhausting week, but also a productive one!

We have completed our first week of school, and it has been an eventful week for most of our family.

As you know from my last post, Taylor just spent his first week living away from home. He is a freshman at LaGrange College. We have received a few texts from him and know that he is still alive and kicking! He reports that football practices have been long, hot and hard, the food not that good, and his days packed full.

Josh started at the local community college this week, where he is doing dual enrollment. He is truly excited to be spending his senior year getting a head start on college. He has a full schedule of classes on MWF -- English, Economics, World History, Weight Training, and Anatomy and Physiology; then he spends TTh working at the YMCA, lifeguarding and teaching swimming lessons. But the icing on the cake for him is this -- he made the college swim team!!! This was totally unexpected, because he has never swum competitively before! He is lapping up this opportunity with great enthusiasm!

Joe is the only boy still at SCA, since his brothers have moved on. He is a sophomore, with a busy school schedule that includes three Honors classes, and a busy after-school schedule, that includes Football, Basketball and Baseball -- each in season, of course, plus some Saturdays working at Chick-Fil-A. He is looking forward to playing tight end/defensive end on the Varsity Football team this season. He started on offense last night for the pre-season scrimmage game, and did very well. It is going to be so much fun watching him play this fall! As I heard someone say at the game last night, there is just something special about Friday nights in the South, where high school football is Big Stuff! :)

Tiffany is also back in the classroom. She completed her first full week "back in the saddle" as a 5th grade teacher and Elementary Music teacher at Byne Christian School. She will also be the Elementary Spanish teacher this year, so she has some very busy days ahead of her, especially when you add in her graduate classes and piano lessons and practice! She is excited about her new little group of students, and feels a bit more confident this year, after making it through her first year as a teacher! She is such an enthusiastic, caring, and creative teacher, that I think her students are Blessed to be in her class!

I love this picture taken the week before school started when I dropped Hannah off to help Tiffany get her classroom ready for Open House. She said she wouldn't have made it without Hannah's help!

This picture shows Tiffany sitting in her new rocking chair in the cozy reading corner she created for her students. Stay tuned for a post on the story of the rocking chair!

With everyone else settled in their classrooms, it was time for us to start our homeschooling year, as well. The biggest challenge for me was that I spent so much time last week helping everyone else get ready to go to college/school, that I didn't have time to complete my own school planning and prep. So, I have been playing catch-up all week; however, I was determined to just be flexible and not get down over the fact that I wasn't totally ready to dive in to our school year! That attitude proved to be a blessing, and we had a good week! Not a perfect week, but a good week! I think that adjusting our expectations to not expect perfection is a key to not becoming discouraged and to having a "successful" school year!

Matthew started 1st grade, and he was very conscientious with his chores and his school work! He has matured a lot since last year, and I am hopeful that Reading will really click for him this year.

Bethany started Kindergarten, and was so Cute! I just Love these pictures of her watching her BJ HomeSat classes!!! They are so engaging, and she really enjoyed actively participating in each class. She is thrilled about being a "big girl" now, who does her own school work!

Bethany and Matt both require a lot of oversight and one on one instruction time, so it was a LONG week for me, but also a rewarding one. They are so cute and enthusiastic about learning, and it is such a privilege to be able to teach them!

Chris and Hannah are in 8th grade, and they watch their classes upstairs in the bonus room/school room. Luke is in 5th grade (but doing some 6th grade classes) and he watches his classes in my room. They would try to beat each other every day in finishing their classes first, and then would converge in the dining room to do their homework! It was certainly a joy to see them sitting there working diligently every day! I love these pictures I snapped of them as they worked on their homework.

If you are a homeschooler who has resumed the school routine, how was your first week back?


Noel said...

Looking at those pictures of your growing up sons, they're TALL! - I can't believe I'll be there myself in 10 years, looking UP to my boys (now ages 8 and 4). Time flies. Hope your family has a great school year!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Looks like you enjoyed a great first week of class!! I still can't believe a new school year is upon us. I trust the Lord will give you a profitable year both with home schooling and with Josh and Joe at their schools, and Taylor as he starts his first year of college!
As much as I love looking at all the pictures of y'all....I have one complaint...they are looking soooo grown up, and that makes me feel OLD! I remember everyone so much younger, so it is startling to me every time to see that we are all "growing older"!! (I do love keeping in touch this way though!!)
BTW, Bethany looks so cute with her computer!! And tell Josh to beware of "loaded down bookbags"!! :)

Kathy - mom of many said...

I, too, have a first grader for whom I hope reading will click. He loves to learn.

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