Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday -- My Secret Weapon

How can it be Wednesday again already???? Amazing how quickly a week can fly by!

After just posting last week about No More Excuses, would you believe I have been mentally rehearsing all of my excuses for this week??

It all started when I chose to attend a Booster Club Fish Fry last week, and there was NOTHING on my diet to eat, so I ate very small portions of fried fish, fried shrimp and cole slaw, all of which are Diet No No's of course!

Then, I went to LaGrange College with Taylor on Thursday and Friday and ate in the school cafeteria -- and we all know how high fat cafeteria food is!

Follow that with Bethany's birthday this past weekend, when I was pretty careful, but I did eat a sliver of her birthday cake.

Yes, it was definitely not a Good Week to be on a diet! So, it was with great fear and trepidation that I stepped on the scale this morning. Would you believe I actually lost 1 more pound this week?! Wow, what a relief!! :)

I think my secret weapon this week was not having an "all or nothing" mentality. You know, you mess up on your diet, so you figure you might as well indulge in everything you have been missing out on, since you are now officially "off your diet," and then "start over again tomorrow." How many times have I followed that line of reasoning in the past??? It is so easy to rationalize like that! However, this time I took a different approach. I reasoned that sometimes life gets in the way and will prevent me from eating perfectly, but that I would make the best choices I could in the situation, and keep on going without guilt or condemnation.

I could have chosen to skip the Booster Club Fish Fry, knowing that it would not be a low carb or low fat event, and I actually considered that, but I would have missed an incredible blessing!!! The speaker was Siran Stacy, a former football star from the University of Alabama, who shared a powerful message about his faith in God, which had been shaken to its core, after a drunk driver took the lives of his wife and four of his children in a horrific accident in November of 2007. His testimony was so powerful, and 5 or 6 athletes came forward in response to his invitation to give their lives to Christ. It is my prayer that their lives will bring forth fruit that is evidence of true repentance!

Anyway, there will be times when we can't follow our diets perfectly, but life is about more than just eating and drinking, so we just need to do our best, and go on, not letting an "all or nothing" mentality derail our efforts! "For the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit." -- Romans 14:17


kristilea said...

Good for you! Even one step forward is fantastic when you aren't taking any steps back. Keep it up! I agree with you can't have that all or nothing mentality. You have to take it one MINUTE at a time and just live your life as healthy as you can. A slip up doesn't mean you throw the whole thing out the window!

Jules said...

I know there've been times when I've blown the diet and I've thought that I might as well just keep on indulging and start again the next day. The problem is, that the next day I seem to be at even greater risk of blowing the diet again.

And yes, birthdays are hard but you do have to have at least one piece of birthday cake. January is a hard month for us because we have a wedding anniversary and 3 birthdays in the family (and that doesn't include the birthday between Christmas and New Year's). It seems to be a waste of time trying to diet then!

Congrats on the weight loss.

Vivianna said...

Once again, I enjoyed your post.... Amen!

When you get a chance pop on over to one of my blog's, Confessions of a Sugar Aficionado so we can give each other some support ; )

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