Monday, September 14, 2009

A Visit with Big T

If you assumed my weekend did not include a football game, since I was at the beach during Sherwood's game Friday night, you are Mistaken! Actually, we drove up to LaGrange on Sunday to see "Big T" play.

As a freshman football player, he gets to dress out with the Varsity team, but isn't likely to see any playing time for a year or two. However, he does get to play JV. Unfortunately, the JV team plays on Sunday afternoons at 1:00, which is a rather awkward time for us to be able to attend many of his games.

This picture shows Taylor (#71) and his roommate (#73). As you can see, they are both Big Fellas!!! Taylor has a few inches on his roommate, while his roomie has a few pounds on him. ;)

They are usually in the game together, as right and left tackle. They alternate with another offensive squad, getting to play every other drive down the field.

Here are my attempts at zooming in and capturing some action during the game.

Here is a good shot of Taylor and his roommate after the game. I can't remember his name, but Tay calls him Ike.

Celebrating the 29-9 victory with his teammates . . .

We went down on the field after the game to see Taylor. This is the first time we have seen him since he left for college. I know I look a little goofy in this picture -- I was giggling because I was being "slimed!" :) But, I thought Taylor looked Cute in this picture! (That is, if a 6'8", 330 pound football player can be cute!!!)

I'm always amazed how small "Big Al" looks beside "Big T!"

This is Luke, Joe and Matt with Tay. I think they are examining the turf -- but who knows???

This is in Taylor's dorm room. I was not impressed! He promises that they cleaned it up that morning and even cleaned the bathroom -- but if I were to choose adjectives to describe his room, I would start with these -- miniscule, messy, cluttered, cramped, dark, and depressing! Turns out that Taylor's roommate is more "neat-challenged" than Taylor is!!! :o

After the game, we took Taylor out to Longhorn's for a decent meal. He stocked up accordingly!! ;) He enjoyed his steak, and also enjoyed running into a few of his buddies at the restaurant. One of his teammates asked him if he liked cheesecake, which is actually Taylor's favorite dessert! A little while later, the waiter brought Taylor this -- compliments of his friend!

And now for my favorite picture of the day. (I saved the best for last!)


Rebecca's Refining said...

Loved the pics!! Thanks for sharing!! I wish we were able to make a game, but it would just be a bit too far for me to travel.

It wasn't THAT many years ago we were in dorm rooms ourselves....well, maybe more for you..:)

Northland has 4 girls per room, and Bj sometimes has as many as least Tay only has 1 to contend with!! I hope they get along well, and that he is doing well in college...spiritually, academically, and physically!

busymomof10 said...

Concerning the dorm room -- I always had a rather large dorm room (in Bancroft Hall) and Tiffany had good sized rooms at Converse. Tay's room is tiny -- about the size of my foyer! And Dark and Dingy! He also has two suitemates that are annoying him to death, as they eat his food, use his computer and X-box, and take his things all without permission! I think he likes his roommate a lot better than them! And he thought it was bad with 5 brothers . . .

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