Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cutting Food Costs

As you know from my previous posts, I struggle to keep my food costs down. Therefore, I have been trying to learn the art and science of couponing, in order to help me lower my grocery expenditures. Recently, I realized that most of the good coupons were for snacks, treats, and other processed foods. Therefore, the following post from Money Saving Mom really caught my eye -- "Does Couponing Only Work if You Eat Junk Food?" This is a great post, and provides links to other informative blogs, so I decided to mention it here, and encourage you to take a look at it. I realize that many of you already follow Crystal's blog -- but for those of you don't -- click on over and check this out!

If you have any cost-cutting tips that you would like to share, I'd love it if you would leave a comment, or leave a link to your favorite blog post about the subject, so I can continue to learn more about this subject. It is an ongoing challenge to attempt to fill up many tummies (some of them bottomless pits) with nutritious food on a budget.


Lainie said...

As you've heard me say before...My biggest tip is to stay out of the store! The less I go, the less I spend. I spend a lot of time beforehand making the plan and then stick to it when I'm there.

I'm not a coupon-er, but am always impressed at what people can do with them.

kristilea said...

The best thing I know to tell you is to get your store's flyer (either in the paper, or from the store) and take it home and plan your meals around what's on sale. I only buy grapes, apples, and special fresh veggies when they are on sale. There is some produce I have to buy all the time regardless, but apples last a long time, so buy a lot when they are on sale. When good lunch meat comes on sale, I buy A LOT of it. Anything that lasts a long time can be bought in large quantities when it's on sale. But if you are like me, and can't buy too much because you only have so much money to spend that week and it has to feed everybody, just pick through that sale flyer and make you meals around what is on sale. If you are lucky enought to find a coupon for that item, you save even more! I like to use it has coupons for all kinds of things, even non grocery items. Also, I take advantage of several stores. If I know something is cheaper at Walmart than anywhere else, I will buy those items there instead of my grocery store. Things in my city are spread apart pretty good, so to save gas and make it worth it, I plan trips to go several places at once on the same side of town, or wait till I'm already in that area for another doctors visit, or church.

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