Saturday, September 26, 2009

First Meet

Josh had his first swim meet today in Thomasville, GA.

It has been years since I've been to a swim meet. Back when I was a girl, my sister and I swam on a community swim team. It was fun, and I have a collection of mostly second and third place ribbons, but I was not a stand-out swimmer, by any means. I've never been particularly good at anything that requires speed, agility, strength or endurance. (Except for perhaps Motherhood!!) ;)

Now, my son Josh has taken up swimming. He has been working on his own for the past year, trying to improve his stroke, and just recently started receiving some coaching. He is doing amazingly well, to be so new at swimming, and he is very excited to have finally found his sport!

This fall, he has been swimming with the Darton College swim team, but since he is technically still in high school, as a dual enrollment student, he is not eligible to compete at the collegiate level. So, his coach found a team for him to swim with this year, to help him gain needed experience.

Today's meet was his first competitive event. Within a time period of two hours, he swam the following:

100 meter breaststroke
100 meter backstroke
100 meter freestyle
200 meter IM
200 meter freestyle

That was a lot in a short amount of time, and he lacked the endurance to swim every race at his top speed; however, he still came away with 5 Third and Fourth place ribbons, and missed winning the third place trophy by only one point. Not bad for his very first meet!

The following picture shows Josh with another swimmer from his team and their coaches.

Josh on the starting blocks . . . .

On your mark . . .

Swimming breaststroke . . .

Congratulations Josh!

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Rebecca's Refining said...

Great job Josh!! We look forward to hearing about your next meet!! I'm glad you have a passion for is a great sport, and you get to eat tons of calories and not gain weight!! :)

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