Sunday, September 6, 2009

Football Friday!

Finally the event we have been anticipating for several weeks -- the first home game for the Sherwood Eagles!

Alan joined several other football fathers out at the field on Thursday night to line the field for the game. He tackled the numbers. I don't know about you, but I never really thought about the fact that someone had to put those lines and numbers on the field before each and every game, until we had sons playing football and my husband started helping with the task. Now, I notice the numbers! ;)

My contribution was food. I went over to the school early Friday afternoon to help make a HUGE pot of spaghetti to feed the 40 football players plus coaches. I am part of a small "team" of moms that is committed to making sure the guys have a pre-game meal each week.

I sure wish I had taken my camera with me, because I missed the sweetest picture imaginable. Imagine a small school cafeteria filled with football players wearing their red game jerseys and sitting at round tables gobbling down plates piled high with spaghetti. Now, imagine a sweet little 5-year-old girl, weaving her way through the sea of players, thumb in her mouth, looking for the familiar face of her 15-year-old brother. Finding him, Bethany climbed up into "Joey's" lap, where she sat contentedly, sucking her thumb, head resting against his shoulder, while he continued to shovel in huge mouthfuls of spaghetti! Now, what cool football dude do you know that would sit and eat his pre-game meal with his teammates, while his little sister sat on his lap??? My heart was so blessed to witness this scene, and I'm still lamenting that I wasn't able to capture it on film!

The game was enjoyable, once the sun went down and the gnats went in! ;)

Watching football is an entirely different game when you have boys on the team! We enjoyed watching the team compete last year, when Taylor was on the line playing Center, Offensive Tackle or Defensive Tackle, but it is really going to be exciting watching Joe (#80) play this season! He is starting as tight end (on offense) and also plays defensive end. It was so much fun cheering for him when he caught a pass for a first down! :) He did a tremendous job blocking too. He plays with a lot of confidence and poise for a sophomore, and I think he has a lot of potential as a football player.

The children got tired of watching the game after awhile, and I really didn't blame them, but they loved playing games with the other kids in a grassy area past the stands. Then, they came back hot and sweaty and begging for a drink from the concession stand. It is all part of the fun of Friday Night Football!

Final Score -- Sherwood - 40 -- Brookwood - 21.


Rebecca's Refining said...

Wish we could be there to watch a game! We will have to just look forward to your posts so it is just like we were there! :)

L.H. said...

Looks like you had a fun time!

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