Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hanging Out at Hilton Head

I am lounging in a cozy little condo on Hilton Head Island, SC. My only concern at the moment is whether or not I can keep this wireless connection long enough to complete this post!

Life is good!

I plan to hang out here for the rest of this week with my five youngest children -- the ones lucky enough to be homeschooled and able to go on vacation in September! :) Ashlyn drove over to join us for a long weekend, and Tiffany took a couple personal days, so she is here until mid-week. Plus, my BFF is coming tomorrow with her youngest five. So, we won't get bored!

The weather has been perfect, as long as you don't mind a sand storm! The wind has been showing off just a bit! Ashlyn bravely battled the wind, while trying to do a photo shoot on the beach this evening. These are my point-and-shoot snapshots of the event.


Noel said...

aaaaah, you have put me in the mood for our vacation later this month. It looks like all of you had a great time!

Rebecca's Refining said...

Everyone looks soooo cute! You took some great pictures! By the way, I didn't see your picture in there.....:) Have a great week, and I will miss "chatting" with you while you are gone.

busymomof10 said...


There are at least 3 good reasons my picture wasn't posted!

1. The pictures I posted came from my camera, which means I was taking the pictures, not posing for them!

2. This is my blog, so I choose whom I want to embarras! :) It just so happens I wasn't on the list this time!

3. I never really realize how fat I am until I see myself in a picture, and I'm trying to ENJOY my vacation, so no depressing pictures allowed!

Nevertheless, Ashlyn did take some pictures of me, and if you stay tuned, they will probably show up on Facebook . . . .

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