Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday -- 7 Truths

Today I want to share Seven Truths about Obesity from the late Gus Prosch Jr., MD, who was an obesity specialist in Birmingham, AL. These are sobering and thought-provoking principles.

1. If you're obese, you have a lifetime disease.

2. Your metabolic processes will always tend to be abnormal.

3. You cannot eat what others eat and stay thin.

4. Anyone can lose weight and stay slim provided the causes of weight gain are determined, addressed, and corrected.

5. Understanding insulin metabolism is the key to losing weight intelligently.

6. There is absolutely no physiological requirement for sugar or processed foods in your diet.

7. You must address all the contributing factors causing obesity.

The bottom line is that losing weight and keeping it off involves a major lifestyle change. The harsh reality of that is hard for most of us to accept. We have our routines, our habits, our celebrations, our comfort foods . . . Accepting that many of those things must change -- f o r e v er -- is a bit challenging and depressing.

That is probably why I only have a measly half pound of weight loss to report this week. :(

I hope you did better!


Noel said...

There's probably a study out there, but I would like to know how much of an effect having children has on women's weight. It's been a struggle for me ever since my first child was born. Things never seem to completely return to normal!

busymomof10 said...

If I had only given birth to 2 or 3 children, I would probably be OK, but if you retain just 5 to 10 pounds per pregnancy, and you have 10 children -- well, you do the Math!~!~! :o

Rebecca's Refining said...

Do you think Adam and Eve had these struggles?? One day we will receive our "Heavenly Bodies"!! (Of course, I struggle with patience!)

Weight does seem to be one of those "unfair" areas of life: Some eat anything (or everything) only to never gain, whereas I am in the group that seems to just "look" at food and the weight climbs! It is very frustrating, and I agree it is a life long issue. We simply can't eat to lose, and then return to our old habits. The key to weight regulation is learning to change (and being willing to change.) Problem is, whether physically or spiritually, change is painful, and we don't like to resist the flesh! But, God gives us the strength and power we need to overcome. I just need to "eat" more of His Word.....and less peanut butter chocolate chip cookies!!!

Vivianna said...

I know exactly how you feel, my dear. I feel the same way, but I have come to truly grasp how important it is not just to lose weight but to be truly healthy so by God's grace I will live to enjoy my children and grandchildren and be ready, willing and able for the Master's will. Please visit one of my blogs, Confessions of a Sugar Aficionado (www.confessionsofasugaraficionado) This way we can mutually support one another.

Blessings to you and even if you think that 1/2 lb. is not much it is definitely better than gaining 1/2 lb. : )

kristilea said...

I am so incredibly happy to report a 3.2 pound weight loss this week! And actually I have lost another pound since my weekly mark on Tuesday. Now if I can just keep this going for 50 more, I'll be great!

I am only 27 and ever since my first child, it has been a HUGE struggle. I do think there is some chemical or hormonal change that having children does to our bodies that affects weight. I'm tired of people telling me I'm young and it should be easy to get the weight off. If it was easy...I'd be thin!

1/2 loss is better than a gain! You are still moving in the right direction! Let's keep going!

busymomof10 said...

Congratulations Kristilea!~!~! Rejoicing with you~

Happy Busy Mama said...

Recently my dh and I set some goals for weight loss. The middle age spread hit us right on time. ;-) Gone are the days when I was eating ice cream to keep my weight up for nursing. So, in honor of our upcoming 25th anniversary, we set some manageable goals with treats involved:
3 weeks 5#. --movie at home
6 weeks 10#.--dinner out
12 weeks 20#--mini vacation for us
6 months 30#--buy new clothes
1 year 40#- TBA

We are t-tapping at least 4 days a week. Diet: avoid refined carbs, but treats/carbs (pasta) on Sundays, Wed. and occasional weekend night if we are out. Drink lemon water daily. I have done this before though, but this time I have made some lifestyle changes to reduce the amount of daily stress which I believe affects my metabolism.

Monday will be the 3 week mark, and I have lost 4.25 lbs. Mostly fluid, but it is a start.

busymomof10 said...

Congratulations Happy Busy Mama on your weight loss and on setting some realistic goals and rewards! That's GREAT that your hubby is in this with you!!!! I can't wait to hear about your progress this coming week! Keep up the good work!

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