Sunday, September 13, 2009

Welcome Home!

I have the sweetest husband in the world! He and Tiffany worked hard all day Saturday to get the house clean and the laundry all caught up, so it would be a blessing to me when I got home from the beach! (I think Josh and Joe might have helped some, too!) Wasn't that sweet?! The house looked and smelled great, and because we utilized the washer and dryer in the condo, we didn't drag a bunch of sandy laundry into the clean house!

Alan helped us get the van unloaded and everything put away, and then he surprised us with dinner out at Blackbeard's! :) He didn't want me to have to come home and cook, plus he didn't want his clean kitchen messed up! ;)

Here are some pictures of us "beach bums" waiting for a table at Blackbeard's.

As soon as Bethany caught sight of Joseph, she was done with the photo shoot! She wanted her Joey to hold her! :)

Our vacation was incredible, but it is always good to be home, and to sleep in your own bed!


Noel said...

I love the pictures of your vacation at the beach!!! It looks like so much fun. We happen to be at the beach for our vacation this week, but it's decidedly rainy, constantly, so we're having to find other things to do. It's fun to be together though! Congrats on a great week and great pictures

Neide Colson said...

GREAT ENDING TO YOUR VACATION! Great husband! I have a husband like that, too! I loved all the pictures and did not get tired of looking at them, although they made me a little jealous. Only one thing I'd like to say, though. Cracker Barrell is my favorite restaurant for good old American breakfast food, seconded only by Mom's (Pat Malcolm) food. So, I doubt it that Lori's might've been better than any of those. But... if I had a chance I would give it a try only to compare:)

Rebecca's Refining said...

What a great surprise to end your great week!! I am always telling my children...moms hate to come home to a messy kitchen or house!! How thoughtful they were to make your homecoming special!

Monica said...

We love HH island too. Our first visit was in '01. We've been back every year since. It's a great family spot. I enjoyed all of your pictures. Looks like a great trip!

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