Monday, September 7, 2009

What is the Best Way to Spend Labor Day?

Like many Americans, I spent Labor Day on the beach this year. My husband and older sons enjoyed a cookout at home, another popular Labor Day activity.

More often than not, we have spent Labor Day laboring away on some crucial home improvement or repair project. A number of times through the years, my parents and my sister and her husband have helped out, making the day twice as productive and twice as fun!

But one Labor Day stands out among the rest. It was Labor Day 1998. Know how I spent that Labor Day? Any guesses??

I'll give you a hint -- it was truly a Labor Day for me!!

I had planned to post a picture from that memorable day, but my pictures and my scanner are at home, and I'm at the beach, so I promise to post that when I get home. For now, I will post some pictures from this Labor Day!

First of all, this is the result of my labors that memorable Labor Day eleven years ago:

Luke Daniel -- a sweet boy with a tender heart and fast legs, twinkling green eyes, who has a zest for life with just a touch of mischief! Luke adds a lot of life to our family, and he gives the best hugs of all!

My friend, Lori, and five of her children arrived just in time for the celebration. After searching every nook and cranny of the condo for matches, we had given up on having Luke's candles lit, but Lori came to the rescue with her innovative spaghetti noodle trick, and she soon had those 11 candles ready to go!

And Luke was ready to blow!!!!!

Then, we all enjoyed a delicious piece of cake and ice cream! (Thank you Publix for always coming through with a wonderful cake! Thank you Luke for conveniently having a birthday today!)

What better way to spend your birthday than on the beach? Here are some pictures of our morning at the shore.

It was so much fun to have Ashlyn with us for a couple days.

This is Classic Tiffany -- doubletasking to the max, writing in her planner while sitting in the sun!!!! OK, Tiffany -- it is time to chill!!!!! :)

This is our "model" son, Matthew -- always ready to strike a pose!!!

We've discovered that early evening is the beach's best kept secret. The shore is nearly deserted and the beach so tranquil, while the waves pack a little more punch than earlier in the day. Going with friends makes it even more fun!

Looking forward to more fun in the sun tomorrow . . . .


Rebecca's Refining said...

I think that is the best way to spend a "labor" day!! :)
Happy birthday to Luke!
Have a great rest of the week at the beach.....think of your sister here in Ohio....far, far away from the ocean!! :)
Love and miss you!

~chevy~ said...

We have a friend who had a baby girl yesterday!!

MOMSWEB said...

Awww...what a special Labor Day Celebration. This was an enjoyable post!

Neide Colson said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! What a joy! What a thrill! Fruitful and blessed labor! Congratulations Elizabeth and thanks for the pictures.

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