Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Glorious Fall Day!

What glorious fall days we are having! Have I told you that I love fall??

It makes my spirit soar!!!

Yesterday, the cooler fall temps put me in the mood for baking. This was the result:

The children wanted to do their school work outside, so they could enjoy the little nip in the air. Christopher and Hannah claimed the back porch for their classroom.

So, Luke had to settle for the front porch. Bethany snuggled with him on the porch swing to watch his classes on the portable DVD player.

After they watched their classes and did their homework, the low humidity and cooler temperatures lured them back outside to play.

Today is another poster day for autumn, which reminds me of the beautiful fall day 14 years ago when Christopher John made his debut. He was born at home, around 6 am, with the help of a midwife, and with my Mom, oldest daughter, and a dear friend in attendance. Later, everyone enjoyed breakfast together, eating the tasty breakfast casserole which I had previously prepared and frozen in anticipation of that day. What a special memory!

This is my midwife, Susan, with my oldest daughters Tiffany (10) and Ashlyn (8).

Yesterday, Chris persuaded his siblings to do extra classes, which they did last night, so they could play outside today and enjoy this beautiful weather! He wanted to have as much Free Time as possible for his birthday! They are outside right now having a nerf sword battle! They have several other games planned, too. I heard mention of Blind Man's Bluff, Kabodi, Capture the Flag, and "Merchants."

Chris doesn't have too many days left to enjoy child's play, so I'm glad to see him spend this day playing with his younger brothers and sisters. If he weren't still homeschooled, he would most likely already be "too old" and "too cool" for such play.

I will post about Christopher's birthday celebration tomorrow.

For now, here are some more old pictures to enjoy!

I love this picture of Christopher at three weeks old. He was an adorable baby, and very content.

This is Taylor holding baby Christopher. I remember him being glad to add another "warrior" to the family! :)

This is Ashlyn, Josh and me with baby #6 -- Christopher.

And this is one of my favorites -- Christopher and Joseph! Two adorable little boys snuggled up together in their yellow sleeper blankets!

I thank God for the many gifts He gives us to enjoy -- including cuddly, little babies, big, strong sons, and beautiful fall days!


Neide Colson said...

Hi Elizabeth,

I "almost" have a hard time keeping up with your "blogging". You're too quick in postingn new stuff. Anyway, I loved your post about the birthday boy. Cute pictures!!! Fall is also my favorite time of the year, in America. I love the colors outside and I love the decorations inside the house. We always enjoyed apple picking and all kinds of delicious apple recipes. And I right there with you enjoying each and every phase of my children's lives. I miss the "baby phase", although I'm glad I don't have to change diapers anymore.

Congratulations on a beautiful family! Oh! I brag about you all the time! Whenever I have an opportunity I tell people about your beautiful family!


Rebecca's Refining said...

I think it is so neat to remember back with each child, and reflect on how special each one is...and how God completes and designs each family! Happy Birthday to Christopher!
BTW, the cinnamon rolls are even better if you leave them in the pan to soak up hte syrup, and then put cream cheese icing on the top!!! Try it sometime....of course, you may not like me for it!! :) The bread looks yummie too! Send some to Ohio!

Noel said...

Truly a wonderful day! Good memories and good food :)

Christie said...

Oh YUM! Those look super good! Do you have any experience with freezing cinnamon rolls? I'm getting stuff put in the freezer for when baby comes, and I was toying with the idea of cinnamon rolls... but couldn't quite figure out how that would work?

Christi said...

How sweet! I love the memories don't you, especially now that they aren't all here at home with me.

I can't believe it is that cold down there. My children keep getting up and saying "it's freezing...can we start a fire?" I tell them no because it isn't that cold. I also tell them I will let them know when it really is cold enough to start a fire because I am so cold natured. LOL!

busymomof10 said...

This week the lows have been around 50 and the highs around 80. That is probably still warm compared to what many people call a perfect fall day, but those lower temps at night are bringing in that little bit of chill in the air and the humidity is way down, so that it just feels refreshing to be outside!

Raising Arrows said...

I remember that day too :) Hearing about it from Mom of course. Did you know that Susan had delivered our two boys also? And she is my midwife for this pregnancy as well. Such a beautiful, wonderful lady!

Michelle (She Looketh Well) said...

What a beautiful post, brought tears to my eyes! Such sweet memories.

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